Four aspects let you know more about the pallet dispenser(stacker)

Pallets are horizontal platform devices used for container loading, stacking, handling, and transportation to place goods and products as unit loads. In simple terms, it is a chassis device that can carry consigned objects. If you are in various types of production lines or logistics centers, it should be easy to see this carrier for carrying items. It can be said that the existence of pallets allows all static goods to have the opportunity to be transformed into dynamic goods. This type of equipment for automatic separation or storage of such pallets is called a pallet distributor or stacker or magazine, which is one of the essential components of various auto production packing lines.
1.Pallet dispenser(magazine)Description
Palle dispenser is used in the empty pallet conveying system of overhead storage and flat storage,ability to store a certain number of pallets. It is used in combination with various conveyors, slip sheet dispensers and palletizing systems. Empty pallets on the conveyor line or empty pallets are distributed to the conveyor line. Empty pallets are fed in for palletizing. It is used for multi-layered empty pallet-line disassembly. The pallets are separated one by one on the conveyor line and conveyed on the line. This pallet machine not only used to distribute empty pallets but also the control system can be changed slightly to form an automatic storage pallet, especially in the logistics warehousing or turnover industry. After the goods are removed, they can be transported directly to under the equipment through the conveyor line to organize After finishing, one by one to collect, not occupying the space.
2.Pallet stacker parameters
Pallet Size: 1000×1000, 1200×1200, 1100x1100mm, 1000X1200 or customized
Number of pallets: 15 or more
Pallet allocation speed: 20 seconds / pc, or 25 seconds / two(high speed)
Pallet material: wooden pallet, plastic pallet, carbon steel pallet
Tray shape; four-way or two-way entry
Scope of application: single size or multiple sizes
Conveying line mode: chain conveying or roller conveying
Conveying speed: 6-12M / min or customized
Lifting method: air cylinder or electric or hydraulic
Air pressure: 0.5-0.7Mpa
Power supply: 220V / 380V / 415V, 50Hz / 60Hz
3.Machine work process:
The pallet dispenser/destacker is composed of a conveying part, a lifting part, a supporting part, a rack, etc .; the entire pallet is automatically separated when it works through the tray distributor, an operator loads 12 to15 pallets into a pallet dispenser (according to the needs of the assembly line). When the machine is given the proper signal,.and the entire pallet is put into a card slot, a pallet is isolated from the rest of the stack and the other upper pallet to prevent it from falling down, then discharged onto a conveyor. The splint on both sides, equipped with an automatic clamping device will clamp the upper pallet to prevent it from falling down; according to the pallet specifications, non-standard design memory card slot. Similarly, for the pallet Stacker: Empty pallets convey forward into a pallet stacker one at a time. Note: If it is a multi-size type pallet, it needs to be organized by the centering mechanism. Pallets are lifted and held in position. Once the desired number of pallets are stacked, they can be released to a conveyor or picked up directly by a fork truck.

4.Video reference for tray dispenser operation:

After learning the above four aspects, I believe you will have a further understanding of the pallet magazine machine. If you still have more questions and don’t understand, it’s okay. Click below to contact our engineers for more pallet dispenser technical information


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