Four explosion-proof requirements of the equipment for the dust industry

The Dust explosion is One of the rigorous considerations for the chemical industry. Dust encounters a heat source (open flame or temperature) and the flame instantaneously propagates when the dust rate is high, entire mixed dust space the limits of the explosion. The chemical reaction speed is extremely fast, and at the same time, a large amount of heat is released, forming a high temperature and a large pressure. The energy of the system is converted into mechanical work as well as light and heat radiation, and the destructive power is extremely strong.

In modern industrial production, with the development of the powder processing industry, a large amount of dust is generated, and the actual and potential threats caused by dust explosion and pollution to people’s personal and property safety and health are significantly increased. The automatic packaging equipment emerged to solve that worker’s health problem. In order to prevent dust explosion, people have adopted a variety of equipment explosion-proof technical measures to prevent the formation of explosion hazardous environment and the occurrence of explosions, such as explosion-proof carton erector series. Online rotary arm pallet stretch wrapper series, etc. Currently, these types of equipment are widely used in explosive mixture automated packaging production lines, such as the production, processing, storage and transportation of coal, petroleum, chemical, textile, grain processing, and other industry that is prone to explosion industries.
Specifically, there are four dust explosion protection points for equipment design :
I. Requirements for equipment material selection:
The electrical equipment casing material should have good thermal stability, high enough strength to withstand explosion pressure without damage and deformation, and its flameproof joint surface should withstand explosion without leakage.

Second, the highest surface temperature requirements of the equipment:
Limiting the formation of the maximum surface temperature of the dust enclosure is one of the main factors preventing dust ignition. On the one hand, since electrical components are inevitably heated, it is necessary to ensure safety and limit the range of maximum surface temperature values of electrical equipment. On the other hand, since different substances have different ignition temperatures, the range of the highest surface temperature of electrical equipment should also be different. The maximum surface temperature of gas electrical equipment is consistent with the highest surface temperature of the dust electrical equipment.

Third, non-metallic parts requirements:
Non-metallic parts of the equipment shall also be able to meet the relevant standards for heat, cold and explosion protection. Such as limit switches, travel switches, magnetic switches, exposed buttons, cables, etc.

Fourth, IP level protection requirements:
According to the requirements of the Chinese standard GB12476.1 complying with international standards, the outer casing of dust explosion-proof electrical equipment must meet the following two conditions:
1. Dust-proof casing: Although the dust can not be completely prevented from entering, the amount of entering is not enough to affect the normal operation of the electrical equipment, and the outer casing’s ability to prevent foreign objects is 5 level;
2, dense dust shell: the structure of the shell is designed to be dust-proof structure, dust can not enter, the shell’s ability to prevent foreign objects is 6 levels.

In recent years, with the strengthening of people’s awareness of dust explosion prevention, more and more manufacturers are required to carry out equipment dust explosion-proof certification. Especially for foreign famous brand manufacturers, their products are generally certified for dust explosion-proof.
Due to recognition of the importance of dust explosion prevention. In the dust packaging equipment, Shenzhen Henno Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. strives to implement the explosion-proof concept and conscientiously implements the explosion-proof standard, so that the equipment can meet the requirements of explosion-proof. At present, Henno Packaging’s semi-automatic wrapping machine, online explosion-proof rotary arm pallet stretch wrap machine and other stretch film packaging equipment, all electrical components have adopted which the supplier with dust explosion-proof certification, greatly preventing the occurrence of dust explosion accidents.

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