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The carton has always been one of the most widely used materials in outer packaging in our lives. It is convenient, simple, and easy to use. Also, it could be recycled and reused to protect the environment. In the meantime, because of economic development, the speed of manual molding of the carton can not keep up with production demand, automated case erector machine came into being, It is a good helper for the automatic secondary packaging production line. So before we buy this automatic carton forming machine, what points should we pay attention to?
case erector machine1. For the quality of cardboard, each manufacturer’s products are different due to their own added value, their own characteristics, the number of cardboard layers used, and the raw materials. For example, the carton used by china- rookie network in conventional e-commerce. usually, It is used for express packaging, and its quality is relatively low; the standard automatic erecting machine could not meet the use of carton at this level, and some of its components need to be modified, such as suction cups, it needs to adopt a higher quality brand to ensure the stability of the equipment; in addition, for example, Huawei electronic products have high added value. Their carton uses a five-layer corrugated paper with high hardness. Our conventional automatic forming machine could meet its needs. Therefore, why Henno Packaging often advises customers to provide carton samples before providing accurate quotations, which is one of the factors.

2. Carton creasing line refers to the line where the carton is folded, which is tied out by the mold and is used to fold the carton into a box. The carton creasing line is an important process for die-cutting after printing. And for box molding has an important impact. It plays the role of facilitating folding, straight creases, beautiful appearance, and determining the carton size during the carton forming process. Generally, We use manual-folding to form the carton, which could flexibly correct the sealing of the carton’s misalignment or folding and folding, and the requirements for the carton indentation line are not high. when choosing automated equipment, the carton creasing line will affect the aesthetics of the seal forming the carton, the tightness of the seal, and the failure rate of the molding; after all, the action steps of the equipment are all in accordance with the set procedures, for carton folding Whether it is easy to fold or whether the seal is flat, the equipment can not feel it, so the indentation line must also be unified, so as to achieve excellent sealing effect; so the indentation of the carton may need to comply with the manufacturer’s requirements after using the equipment Make changes, which will not increase the cost of the user’s consumables, but only increase the requirements for the printing house. After all, the equipment is different from people, and people are omnipotent;
3. The distance between the carton flap, if we usually pay close attention to the carton in hand, you will find that the front and rear flaps of the carton and the side cover of the carton are staggered together, and there are no gaps. The ends of the full-back cover are outside the side flap, this is because when the carton printing factory is printing, the manual carton requirements are not strict, anyway, people can automatically correct the box, which does not affect the operation; but after using the automatic carton unpacking machine, the front and rear covers of the carton and the side flap are make a gap, for the machine operation process- folds the front and back covers first. If don’t have chamfer and gap by the side covers are interlaced with the front or back covers, it will cause the front and rear covers and side covers to collide and damage the carton, and the failure rate is high; This is also the main point we need to note reason after we plan to adopt the automatic case former machine.

4. Carton mark usually used to indicate what kind of goods, quantity, weight, and origin are in the box; why do we mention this carton mark here, because many people easily ignore this problem when buying a carton forming machine. Enterprises planning to use automatic box erecting machines are all planning to upgrade their secondary packaging production lines to automatic packaging system, saving manpower and improving efficiency; In the case of space applications, the position cannot be changed in the total layout; when we use carton to test the equipment, we will find that some companies’ carton after using the equipment to form, the direction of the carton mark is reversed, this situation is what we professionally call The problem of “forward and reverse”, at this time we have to change the printing direction of the mark when you want the carton mark obtained after using the carton machine operation is upward; otherwise, when in next step-pick and place case packer, the product direction will be opposite to the original direction; this is the main point we must pay attention to when using the molding machine.

The above four points could be used as some reference points for us in the purchase of carton forming machines. Henno Packaging Technology consistently focuses on the supply and solutions of carton packaging product automation equipment, such as tray former machines, carton bag inserter, case packer, and customization Carton erector (hot-melt adhesive sealing, nail sealing), etc., if you couldn’t confirm your product further, you can contact our engineers to communicate to choose the correct equipment model.

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