Fruit harvest, tray erector and bag inserter to help grow farmers grow sales

This year is the time when a large number of fruits are on the market. Peaches, apples, grapes, bananas… all kinds of fresh fruits have entered the fruit market one after another.

     This year’s various types of fruits and vegetables are a bumper harvest, which also led to the lack of preparation of fruit farmers, the packaging is not in place, the fruit of many places can not be sold in time, there is a phenomenon of damage and slow sales.

     In order to avoid greater losses and increase profits, Henno Packaging Technology has customized high-speed carton forming machines and bag automatic bagging machines according to the requirements of fruits and vegetable packaging so that farmers in many places have begun to use automated packaging equipment and improve profit.

Fruit box/tray forming machine

Quickly erecting and fold the box, and the speed can reach 30-35 boxes per minute. It has obvious advantages in saving labor costs, reducing labor intensity, improving production efficiency and carton forming quality, and improving the market of the enterprise,matching fruit market-fresh, fast features; the manual operation slow is completely avoided, and the finished product stack is disorderly; the hot melt adhesive can be selected according to the fruit type, the adhesive tape is bonded, and the lock type is inserted. clicked to visit more information;

Fruit box/tray bag inserting machine

Makes made-to-measure bags from a roll of polyethylene film and inserts the bags into the tray or box. This polybag is designed to minimize fruit fresh feeling and maximum distance remote refrigerated transport. Especially suitable for fruit fresh-keeping with high freshness requirements such as cherry, strawberry, and kiwi for long way transport. Click to visit more fruit bag inserter information.

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