Full Layer Robotic Palletizing &stretch wrapping from Hennopack Solutions for Rock wool manufacturer

Full Layer Robotic Palletizing &stretch wrapping from Hennopack Solutions for Rock wool manufacturer
Industry: Rockwool insulation Industry
Packing solution provides: Robotic palletizer& inline stretch wrapping machine
Installation date: June 2018

Customer Requirement
Our customer is one of Guangdong province china’s largest building Rockwool products manufacturers and main products are exterior walls Rockwool board, curtain wall Rockwool board, Rockwool board for marine sandwich board, Rockwool thermal insulation pipe, Rockwool for color steel sandwich board, Rockwool resin, and so on. Due to sales expansion of their Rockwool all the world and introduced a production line with the annual output of 20,000 MT.  The increase in production capacity leads to the need for more labor in the traditional way, which also means that the risk of enterprises will increase. After all, the production environment of rock wool will contain a lot of thermal insulation cotton fiber, which fiber enters the body is indigestible.

Based on the excellent packaging effect and service of Henno packaging automatic remote control pallet wrapping packaging equipment used in Jialiang other branch factories, Hennopack is selected as a partner to supply automatic palletizing & stretch wrapper machine for this new production line.
rockwool robotic palletizing system&stretch wrapper

Hennopack packaging solution

Hennopack engineered a full layer robotic gripping system which put a complete one-layer-Rockwool into the pallet meaning each layer Rockwool will arrange to unitize up and down. With sensors to detect the incoming product, a arrange table will arrange each set Rockwool based one the layout and then is picked by robot and placed in preparation to go under the empty pallet. At the same time, when the pallet finishes Rockwool stacking, the empty pallet dispenser will auto-dispensing the empty pallet and then transfer it to the palletising position for next time Rockwool prepare stack into the pallet.
Through observing the general operation, we recommend the stretch wrapping solution adopt an inline heavy turntable stretch wrapper. This machine is driven structure design one sew bear weight and rotating,the main reason is that this kind of glass fiber has accumulated too much, and the transmission parts of the equipment, especially the structures of small bearings or chains, are easily blocked and blocked, causing equipment failure. And this kind of supporting sew gear structure, the gear is large in size, the influence of the fiber itself can be ignored, and the life of the equipment and the after-sales are effectively guaranteed.

The robotic palletizing gripper Rockwool and heavy type inline turntable stretch wrapping system has become very popular with Hennopack customers as it replaces the potential risk of injury from a person doing such a function multiple times per day. Whether the robotic body sealed design or the sew gear-driven structure of pallet wrapper could easily avoid the influence of fibers on the transmission mechanism of the traditional palletizer. This allows employees to enter the workshop less and come into contact with fibers less which affects their health. For the customer, they can process large volumes of pallets, wrapped to meet their needs without any risk to employees in a busy and fast-moving workplace environment, highly effective with less manual-cost. For the employees, they could easily avoid skin infections or internal lung diseases and keep healthy.


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