Fully auto 304ss top type case packer&robot palletizer solution for Coffee candy pouch manufacturer

Fully auto 304ss top type case packer&robot palletizer solution for Coffee candy pouch manufacturer
Client: China XT Coffee candy manufacturer
Industry:Candy industry
packaging solutions provided: stainless steel top pick and place packer with ABB robot palletizer
Installation: August 2020

Customer Requirement
Our customer is a famous coffee candy manufacture which location in Guangdong province, china,its pouch coffee candies have long been popular among young and middle-aged people, their sales are increasing day by day. They were looking for a solution to auto pick the pouch candy and place it into the carton, then carton auto top sealing, and the last will auto palletizing the carton on the pallet. As their current hand packing into the box was labor-intensive, especially in the food industry, protection is a priority, Excessive personnel operation will bring uncontrollable risks and enterprise risks, and also the production image displayed to customers is not conducive to the marketing of the enterprise.

Hennopack Packaging solution

The coffee sugar of the customer is not in grain shape as we usually say, but a solid cube or cuboid. Therefore, when they are packaged in the bag, the bag will swell with overlapping. Traditionally, this problem can be easily solved manually, but if fully automated packaging is implemented, it is particularly important to solve this problem, which involves the smoothness of grasping and the effect of sealing the box neatly.

To solve the problem of surface packaging flatness of the stand-up pouch, we researched and tested it; we decided to use two flattening procedures; firstly, the square roller conveyor line was used to vibrate to even the candies in the bag. After all, the self-pouch filling and packing machine, products usually gather at the bottom of the bag, especially close to the sealing opening will be less more. For the second time, we use the upper and lower double belt conveyor line to control the height of the product passing. At this time, the sugar cubes still stacked together would be pressed down to make close contact, smooth-level the surface of the pouch.
candy pouch case packer

At the candy pouch into carton, because the candy pouch feeding speed will reach 60 bags per minute, also the pouches are rotated 180 degrees for each layer and two adjacent stand-up pouches will contact at an oblique angle. If we choose the spider robot to finish this task, it will difficult to control the pouch bag stacking accuracy, and also the pouch will easily slip out of the position and then affect other pouch bags into the box. Finally, we recommend a servo-top type case packer, due to the feeding speed fast, we equip one servo motor-driven to arrange the pouch, and one time will arrange one layer-5 pouch, at the meantime, will gripper two box together. In addition, the gripper also adds one rotary joint, it would auto rotated 180 degrees for each layer. Whatever this top pick and place case packer could easily handle 60 pouches per minute auto into the box.

At the palletising station, taking into account the lack of electrical engineering experience in customer’ engineer, we still recommend the world’s leading robot brand–ABB robot as the palletizing body. Because the carton box weight heavy, we choose the splint to replace the sucker to gripping the box into the pallet. This gripper structure design could ensure the carton box does not deform during gripping and will not fall, also its life will be longer than the sucker.
coffee candy carton box robot palletizer

In the food industry, qualified product weight is an indicator of a company’s trustworthiness, and even one mistake is not allowed. In this case, we design two positions to check weight, one is the stand-up pouch bag to ensure each pouch’s weight is suitable for packing. The second will be before carton box sealing because of the case packer pick pouch error without an alarm. Although this position weight and check machine will be adding to the project budget, it could exclude substandard products from being delivered to customers.

The benefits of this packaging line to our customers were the reduction in personnel required for the case packing process, Total line from pouch filling machine to the palletizing station, only need 2-3 people to monitor. All machine adopts 304 stainless steel design and manufacturer to ensure sanitary and clean such as case packer, carton sealer, roller conveyor, weight and rejecting machine, and so on. In addition, this Hennopack case secondary packing solution also provides higher carton packing throughput and controlled packaging costs, increased profit integrity & improved WH&S conditions.


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