Fully auto case erector and bag inserter closer solution for cream filling line

Currently, many laborers have focused on their health and will choose the company by their wishes. For this trend development, especially in the food and perishable goods sectors, their labor health crisis has become the most sensitive process in the production line. In order to ensure the safety of this process, many companies bring in and implement automatic packaging systems that not only bring more confidence to their customers but also contribute to increasing their efficiency and productivity. Hennopack’s technical system made one fully automatic secondary packing line for the food cream industry. And this line takes care of auto erecting the box, plastic bag auto inserting the carton, cream auto-filling into the box, the box auto weighting, polybag auto closer, and carton box top flap auto fold and sealing with hardly any operator intervention.
cream bag inserter packing lineGuangzhou Jiayi food oils are one of china’s leading producers of certified sustainable cream oil and derivatives. they offer their own branded range of Ice cream and bakery ingredients as well as bulk products for use in the food and Birthday Cake.
Due to the COVID-19 is still attacking in our lives, and in the low-temperature environment, this virus life could survive for a long time. In order to keep labor and customer use cream safe, the company decided to make one complete and fully automated high effective packaging line for their plant in Liverpool. After all, Guangzhou city one of china a very large city with over 10 million people, food safety is particularly important. This packing line needs to erecting the case, and polybag liner into the box, weight fill refined cream oil onto polybag lined 10kg boxes. At the last need, auto makes the box stack on the empty pallet.

since it is an automated packing line, all packing process stations must as few people as possible to intervene. Combine with the carton box structure, we choose the Vacuum-less / Pin pick-up case erector, it is also less sucker to finish box open and bottom seal, but its cost will less than the cam-driven horizontal type case erector.
For the bag into the box packing machine, we design the direct inserting box bag inserter machine. This type of seal doesn’t touch with the cream product and could let cream use over as soon as possible. Our bag inserter no matter the reel driven or the lift structure of the foil all adopt Japan Mitsubishi servo motor control, this could make feed bag foil compact and most accurate, we keep the costs competitive of bag material. Even our bag inserter cost high than other suppliers. But Jiayi’s company manager thinks the accumulated cost of consumables will far exceed the cost of the equipment with his Long-term strategic vision. This is also Hennopack company’s consistent philosophy in designing automated packaging lines-the long -term economic benefits should be more important than the cost of the equipment.
polybag inserter packing machineEven in the Hennopack product series not have the cream filling machine, but we have strategic Partners-dahee. Both company engineers arrive at the customer site and configure the corresponding filling machine according to the customer’s product information and characteristics.
After filling the cream, we adopt the bag closer and sealer machine, this machine will be vacuum first befoe seal. This process could keep the product life and not Oxidation. Of course, before filling the cream into a polybag, we also increase the blower, the air pressure inside the box, forcing the bag close to the box, but also allows the cream and the bag in direct contact, to facilitate the back of the vacuum seal.

In this proposal, we certainly need to automate the stacking process. At first, combine with the palletizer type and the cost, some suppliers offer them traditionally or servo type palletizer. But through our engineer’s many years of experience, with the above two types of palletizer, their drive mechanism requires lubrication and is exposed to the air, It is easy to contaminate the surface of cartons or equipment, thus contaminating the product. It is an important factor and risk for the food industry. After researching, we recommend the ABB robot as the palletizing system core. Because only one maintenance is needed once a year. At the same time, for gear maintenance, there will be a professional machine for filling, which can avoid the robot body residue and contaminated products.
polybag closer and sealer packing machine

“As a top-of-the-range end-of-line packing system supplier. Hennopack packing line from delivery a complete packaging line from the case erecting up to palletizing, taking into account the development trend of industrial automation, all machine such as case erector, bag inserter, bag closer and sealer, robot palletizer adopt Ethernet communication function, this function design could make customer add labeling or production quantity statistics, PC-side direct monitoring, or expansion of one more production line could be easily linked, this will solving our many problems in the future” Jiayi production engineer said.


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