Fully auto inline rotary arm stretch wrapping & RGV Rail Shuttle Car integrated solution for glass fiber manufacturer

Fully auto inline rotary arm stretch wrapping & RGV Rail Shuttle Car integrated solution for glass fiber manufacturer
Client: China JuShi Group
Industry: Glass fiber industry
Packaging solution provides: Rgv shuttle car combine with inline rotary arm stretch wrapper
Installation Date: August 2020

Our customer requirement
Our customer-“China Jushi” is ais one of the largest enterprises in the new glass fiber material industry of China, Its customer placed around all the world. Originally, their workshop pallet packaging has been equipped with automatic secondary packaging equipment, and the packaging of fiber-load-pallet can be easily completed only by the cooperation of personnel. Due to the COVID-19 Virus exacerbated in other countries, production in many factories is not functioning normally, and the order delivery time also delayed. Because of the implementation of China’s anti-virus protection measure, most of the company’s production is normally,”JuShi Group” is no exception, based on their excellent quality of glass fiber product and then won much order which from international. They hope the new system operation could meet the following point:
fiber pallet rotary arm stretch wrapper1.Minimize manual intervention;
2.Cover more size of glass fiber packaging applications;
3.suitable for mixed pallet size application.

Rgv shuttle car&strapping&wrapping solution

In engaging Hennopack to find the solution, we spend significant time observing the general operation, employee engagement, health and safety risks, wastage and presentation of product for transport.
fiber pallet strapping machine

We adopt three sets inline rotary arm stretch wrapper combine with the vertical type pallet strapping machine and horizontal type strapping machine and Rgv car to achieve the following:

1.Each country will have its standard pallet size, and maybe the same fiber product will load on a different structure pallet; in order to the transport compatibility, we choose the chain-plate conveyor as the load pallet transfer, although the cost will be higher than the conventional chain or roller conveyor, but it conveyor stable, compatible with multi-specifications pallet shape application, good for the mixed incoming pallet packaging line.
2.In the glass fiber industry, all the fiber would be production packaging as a cylindrical to sell, and then fiber reel will be stack overlap between up and down the layer, it is easy to be affected by the rotating centrifugal force, leading to dislocation fo upper and lower product positions; Although the load-pallet will be wrapping around the film and strapping bundle, but when has a little gap between fiber-reel product, they will be mutual friction then damage the fiber in the long-distance transportation process. We choose a rotary arm structure to design the pallet wrapper, through our calculation the incoming capacity, we install three sets of inline rotary arm stretch wrapper.
3.Due to customer’s fiber product different, and their requirements are different; one load pallet outside not have the paper box to around, so this line we adopt one horizontal type with vertical type to bundle the fiber before stretch film packing; In another series, the load-fiber pallet will have the corrugated box as the outside protect, this line we only adopt one set vertical type strapping machine to finish bundle process. This two-line design could be solving for two series customer’s packing type and bundle stability;
4.For different pallet structure and two-line load pallet incoming, think about the cost-effective, we design the railway Rgv shuttle car to deal with the loaded pallet transfer between the rotary arm stretch wrapping machine and the pallet strapping machine.
5.In addition, our rotary arm stretch wrapper & pallet strapping machine &Rgv Car packing system all adopt Ethernet as the signal communication.No matter future equipment modify or production line equipment increase, it is easy for customer’s engineer to operation.
fiber pallet rgv car shuute

Our loaded-pallet deal with packing system for the customer, they could easily face the winter virus infection risk, could process large volumes of different pallets, don’t worry about andy risk to the employees in a busy and fast-moving workplace environment.

Hennopack fully automatic pallet wrapping and strapping solution always to help different industry customers provide safety, high-effective, product integrity, environmental impacts, and improved process.


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