Classification of Stretch Film Wrapping Machine

HengNuo Intelligent Equipment Co., a systems integrator and supplier for the research and development, production, marketing and service of automated packaging equipment at the end of the production line.

To stretch the film as a packaging raw material, developed a variety of cost-saving stretch film wrap machine,

Product coverage:

1. Semi-auto pallet wrap

A.semi-auto pallet wrapping machine with top plate;

B.semi-auto weighting pallet wrapper;

C.Semi-automatic pre-stretch pallet stretch film wrap;

2.Inline Fully auto pallet wrap

A.Fully auto light type turntable stretch film wrapper

B.Fully auto heavy type turntable stretch film wrpper

C.Fully auto Rotary arm stretch film wrapper

D.Pallet Top sheet dispenser

3.Pallet dispenser

4.Pallet palletizing system

5.Baggage wrap machine


About the Author:

Foucus on end of line packing system design and solving,include high speed case erector,case packer,palletizing,stretch film wrapping system and so on
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