HENNOPACK 3D Vision-Guided Bag Robot Depalletizing for plastic bag

Hennopack 3D vision eye depalletizing system with Fanuc robot for a plastic bag deal

Due to the original material deal always a difficult and hard to work process. It damages the worker’s health all the time. Also can not give a stable output to the end manufacturing station. Based on AI development, combined with the robot application to integrate an automatic depalletizing solution for the plastic bag or case or basket, etc industry.
Its happen can solve many factory bag depalletizing process problems.
As before for bag depalletizing, all operations by manually; of course, traditional mechanical structure depalletizing machines have application in many industries, but it also causes many problems, such as below:
1. one time only one type of bag for depalletizing and cutting, can not mix different ingredients to operate together, this will affect the bag deal speed;
2. when cutting the bag, will make many goods scatter around at the machine’s four sides, it will make it difficult to clear up, and also waste many raw materials, that raw material only for recyclables, and could not use directly;
3. Due to the raw material being supplied from anywhere, the goods will be lean in the transport process, or different palletizing machine stack the bag not well; all the everything course means that the load pallet bag shifted bags or incomplete bag layer, classic mechanical depalletizing solutions will be often “blind” to operation, cause the bag mixed goods to fill in or the empty bag can not easy to recyclable.

 FANUC ROBOT depalletizing for Plastic particles bag

What the Hennopack 3D vision depallet-eye robotic depalletizing solution can do.

1. can detect and identify different pallets of goods to  pick for the special magazine;
2. Automatic detect and identify the good stack type, and then correct the gripper angle to pick the good; ensure the good is free from damage;
3. detect the pallet whether empty or fill bag, to alarm the operation exchange goods at any time, with no need for specialized staff;
4. could detect different sizes at the same time, it will locate the bag perimeter and determine the best picking point coordinates in X, Y, and Z.
5. could communication with any brand PLC or robot to integrate depalletizing solutions for different client’s requirements;
6. Record and Visualize Production Data to analyze and understand the machine’s running state, also can display the 3D running effect to make you know the machine how to work.

Hennopack 3D vision depalletizing solution with ABB robot for Mixed case depalletizing

Hennopack 3D vision eye depalletizing solution specification
Detect distance1500mm-3500mm
SpeedUp to 900 pieces per hour(The overall actual tempo is related to the layout, the end-effector, and the subsequent process)
ObjectsSupport closely packed cases or sacks or self-lock trays;
Support angled cases or cartons or plastic baskets;
Support objects with patterns, tapes, and express bills;
Support plastic bags, woven Bags, Kraft Paper bags, Valve bags, etc.
Match Robots BrandsSupport almost all major-brand robots, such as Faunc, ABB, KUKA, Yaskawa, Kawasaki, Rokea, etc.
ServicePersonalized solution;
Staff training;
Fixture design.

What is the advantage to use the Hennopack 3D vision depalletizing solution?

1. Based on the powerful AI algorithms, combine with the Robot program calculation, this depalletizing system can easy to deal with the mixed case, bags or deformed sacks, wrinkled bags with patterns, tapes, express bills, and reflective films without human intervention;
2. The algorithm is always learning to build a safety path planning to give a precise robot movement direction and tool angle to avoid collision with any goods or the support to ensure everything is safe;
3. the 3D depalletizing system is able to record production data and generate historical datasets to compare performance indices such as cycle time, and number of bags depalletizing per type of bag; of course, for the machine error data also can stack in order to the engineer analyze and improve the best running path for the robot so that offer all machine at the high efficient applications.

Hennopack 3D vision-eye system not only uses visually guided de-palletizing of various goods, but we also offer visually guided solutions for the stacking of mixed goods, such as cases, bags, etc, so if you have any further questions or discussions, please contact us:service@hennopack.com


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