Hennopack automated robotic packer and palletizing lines resist the effects of viruses for food flour production

At present, the virus has a serious impact on every country, because of its characteristics, most countries are very serious for the prevention and control of the epidemic for the safety of the people; the occurrence of the epidemic also affects the ordinary people ’s clothing, food, housing, and transportation; Next, there is more demand for daily food. During the outbreak of the epidemic, essential foods, such as rice, flour, noodles, bread, and other foods, are just-needed products for consumers. They are cost-effective and will experience rapid growth during the outbreak.However, because many food industries are still in the traditional form of product packaging, relying on personnel for product packaging and transshipment, resulting in supply efficiency that can not meet the current demand, but also delays the development of the enterprise; at present, a major brand flour company is exactly Recognizing the impact of the epidemic on production, it was decided to use a fully-automatic control production line and intelligent production. It can produce and sell 24 hours without worrying about the impact of the epidemic, and it also frees people from high-intensity labor.
Hennopack robotic palletizer systemThe Henno Packaging Technology Team was fortunate to be selected to design and provide automation of secondary packaging production line for this enterprise, which mainly involves stations, automatic carton erecting and forming, robot packer, carton box sealing, carton pp strapping, Robot palletizing, and online turntable wrapping packaging system; let us understand the benefits that each station can bring to customers.
1. The carton forming machine also calls case erector, the equipment automatically forms cardboard into a carton, and at the same time seals the bottom of the carton with tape. According to the storage method of cardboard, it can be divided into vertical and horizontal. Among them, the speed of the horizontal unpacking machine can reach 40 boxes per minute; The model recommended by the customer is a vertical erecting machine, the speed can reach 12 boxes per minute, which can replace 2 manual operations and simultaneously form a unified effect on the carton sealing.
2.robotic packer system, Designed with ABB manipulators to suck bagged flour, one device should handle two packaging production lines, two packs are sucked each time, and 20 packs of filling efficiency can be completed in one minute. In the follow-up, the vibration exhaust structure was added to facilitate the perfect sealing of the top of the carton, completely replacing 6 operators, and the efficiency was increased by 50%.
3.case sealer is mainly used to automatically fold the top of the carton, and then automatically seal the top of the tape. The efficiency per minute can reach 25 boxes. The efficiency is high and the area is small.
4. The carton palletizing system mainly adopts the internationally renowned brand ABB as the body and designs the fixture by itself; due to the relatively heavy product and the carton quality is low to medium, the gripper is designed with a bottom bracket to prevent the carton bottom from being damaged during the movement; At least 8 boxes can be palletized in minutes, which eliminates the problem of high labor intensity and reduces the situation of similar viruses.
5. The on-line turntable stretch wrapper machine is mainly used to protect the product by stretching the film around it, which can be dustproof and waterproof. In addition, it is also convenient for product storage and stacking, and it is not easy to collapse; here, a rotary table winding machine is used, which is very suitable for relatively low height, The use of packaging lines that require efficiency.

The above is a brief introduction to the application of the bagged flour packaging production line project. With the economic development and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the market space of the food industry is getting larger and larger, and the strong market demand makes it increasingly demanding for the automatic control of its production lines. New trends in the future industry development will be higher production efficiency, more intelligent identification systems, smaller space robot applications, and simplified operation. If you happen to have a similar robot palletizing production line demand or have a better idea to discuss, please contact us, let us create a more intelligent packaging production line together.


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