Hennopack Automatic Cover-hooding Shink Wrapping system for special material industry packaging well.

In our life, with the development of the economy, various types of products are consumed more and more; after these products are produced, they still need to be transported and packaged to protect, and they usually the pallet to loading more…And the loaded pallet will have three types of packaging methods to protect the product. The first type: PE stretch film packaging machine(pallet stretch wrapper), usually this type of packaging material can have a certain degree of ductility at room temperature, thereby achieving savings in packaging materials.The second type: pallet hot shrinkable film wrapping machine, usually this type of packaging material has heat shrinkage characteristics, and it can shrink the packaging.The third type: cold shrink film sleeve film packaging machine, usually this type of packaging material can automatically shrink packaging after a certain time at room temperature. The three models wrapping machines each have different characteristics. At present, the first stretch film pallet wrapper machine and the third cold stretch hood bagging machine developed by the team of Henno Packaging have been widely used in the market. In order to meet more especially customer requirements, after more than a year of practice, another team of Henno Packaging has developed a Cover-hooding Shink Wrapping system, It mainly uses the hot stretch hood to packing material.

cover pallet hot stretch hood machine

The Cover-hooding Shink Wrapping system also calls Hot stretch hood machine, hot shrink bagging machine or hot stretch hood bag inserter. Similar functional devices have actually been developed and put into production in foreign countries, such as the well-known MSK stretch hood machine; and Henno Packaging improves and innovates structures, adopts the natural gas heating bag, this will save customers more cost. Below we introduce the performance characteristics of this device.

In our life, there are some products that cannot be refracted by the sun or absorb too much heat, or products that cannot be clearly displayed externally. Heat shrinkable packaging is a very good choice. Its material has opacity, so it isn’t heat-absorbing or see-through. In the meantime, it does not have natural shrinkage characteristics, which is very suitable for some non-pressure-resistant products. For example, building materials-sand bricks, rock wool or insulation materials, chemical products, washing machines, and other production lines. Due to their own characteristics, the use of hot stretch hood pallet bagging machine packaging is one of the very effective protection methods.


Pallet heightMin. 500mm, Max. 2400mm
Pallet weightMin. 150kg, Max. 1500kg
Packing capacity35-40 pallets/hour(based on pallet height)
Pallet dimension1200*1000mm(could be customized)
Heating Fuelnatural gas, LPG
Fuel source pressuremore than 1bar(1Kgf/cm2), pipe diameter: 1”
Compressed air pressure2.5bar-4bar
Main gearboxSEW brand
Motor power20kW(excluding the gas power)
Machine dimension3000*5200*4800 (excluding the measurement of hydraulic station and bottom blower)
Packing material
PE film, thickness: 130-160μm, lateral shrinkage 40% and longitudinal shrinkage 50-60%. The film dimension should be 40-50mm more than the full pallet dimension.

Note: In order to get the best effect, the machine should be installed at someplace wind-proof.

Cover-hooding Shink Wrapping Refer Video

Well, the above is the summary of the characteristics of the hot-stretch hood bagging machine in this chapter. This part is described in more detail, and there are more professional terms. If you do n’t understand some of the content, please click to communicate and welcome professionals in the industry to discuss Innovation.

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