Hennopack bag robotic palletizer integrated line for powder mortar packing

With the recovery of the world economy, all walks of life have developed rapidly, especially in the field of people’s livelihood-the construction industry, which has a large number of construction materials and has also produced many large-scale manufacturing companies, such as E.MIX Building Materials (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., which belongs to Singapore-Xinzhong Group. This company mainly produces environmental-friendly dry powder mortar, putty series, waterproof mortar series, self-leveling mortar series, repair mortar series, etc. This type of product brings a comfortable living environment, but in the production process, it also hurts the workers’ body and easily causes human lung poisoning. Adhering to the principle of putting people first, Gaudi’s dry powder mortar production line which put into production in Guangzhou, China, decided to adopt a fully automatic robotic palletizing packaging with the stretch wrapper plan. HennoPackaging was fortunate to participate in this bag fully automated production line while designing and supplying the main equipment and services for the secondary packaging of mortar.
This project mainly uses two sets of dust filling machines, two separate discharge conveyor lines, and then merges together before the palletizing station, sharing a bag robotic palletizing packaging line, the mortar filling speed is 18 bags per minute. Below we break down the performance parameters of each station packaging equipment used in this project for refer:

The first is the climbing conveyor line, which usually uses leather bags, woven bags packed products. After filling, the height of the conveying line is usually about 400mm, however, the height of the products stacked on a tray will exceed 1 meter, so The bags must be lifted to a certain height for palletizing, so as to design economical and efficient palletizing systems and choose the robotic model.
The second is the vibrating line because the bag products are stacked flat on the pallet. When filling,it is a vertical type bag is filled with powder. Therefore, during the full bag feed process, the products need to be Lie down through the inversion structure on the conveyor. In addition, because the bag is not completely filled with the product, usually 90% fill of the bag, in order to stack safely, the product inside the bag needs to be uniform and level, the vibrating line is to achieve this function.
The third is the compaction and flatter line. In the previous point, we mentioned that the bag is only filled with 90% of the amount. After sealing, the rest is air; when the bag product load on the pallets, if the air is not exhausted in advance, it is risk to cause collapse together after a period of time, so we must use a mechanism to exhaust the air before palletizing, and the compaction structure is an excellent choice to achieve this function.
The fourth point is the palletizing station. In this project, we use Kawasaki robots, and the gripper is designed as a drawer-type according to the customer’s palletizing form. It can grasp three bags side by side or two bags in a row. When the product is placed with the grip hand, the positioning is accurate, and the product can be placed simply by pulling out the finger claws, and the product is not easy to shift.
The above four points are the main four processes use for this dry mortar bag palletizing. In addition, in order to full automatic palletizing line, what kind of related equipment is extra needed supporting?

1.Auto empty pallet Dispenser: for empty auto separate from a stack. usually, the robotic gripper also can design with pallet grip, but the cost will be high and sometimes the packing efficiency maybe can‘t meet production, and the pallet dispenser is the excellent replace choice, only need 25 seconds to distribute a pallet. The first, an operator loads 15 to 20 pallets into a pallet dispenser. When the machine is given the proper signal, a pallet is isolated from the rest of the stack and discharged onto a conveyor and then transfer to the palletizer.
2. This is the integration of turntable stretch wrapper with the top foil wrapper. Dry powder mortar, putty powder, etc. are usually packed in kraft paper bags, which are damage from moisture and dust in the open air or warehouses for a long time, which is not conducive to product sales and storage and long-distance transportation. After considering, E.MIX Building Materials has added this set of pallet five-sided stretch film packaging equipment, which can achieve waterproof and dustproof. The wrapper automatically picks up a loaded pallet from the front robotic palletizer in-feed conveyor, wraps it and conveyor the load to the out-feed conveyor. Apart from wrapping the sides of the load, it also places a piece of PE sheet onto the top of the load to make it water-proof. It provides maximum protection to the products. It has 3 working modes: wrapping only, wrapping with top cover, or bypass. One can choose the most suitable working mode viewing the product being processed. The wrapping machines are available in different configurations, with the possibility of 90° pallet in-feed and out-feed conveyors.
3. The heavy-duty roller conveyor line is mainly used to connect the link between pallet dispenser, robotic palletizer, pallet wrapper machine and conveying products. We have selected 76mm diameter rollers according to the shape and weight of the pallet, and the load can reach 2000kg.

After we have analyzed the hardware, the next part is the most important part of the entire project-the control system. Doing a project is not just a matter of assembling and linking some equipment together. It also needs to be integrated and coherent according to the customer site, production efficiency, signal communication between the equipment, etc. and then united through an independent design program by an electrical engineer. This project is designed with an independent electrical cabinet and controlled by Siemens PLC in Germany, with stable performance and easy operation and learning.

Designing a full-automatic bag packaging product palletizing packaging production line is the same as building a house. In addition to water, electricity, carpentry and other specific operating teams to continuously build the house, the most critical thing is that the construction and supervision unit needs to supervise and implement the specific implementation process. Otherwise, the final result will be different bigger away from the original goal setting! In the process of designing the entire line of integration, stop and think about whether the current equipment is in harmony with the previous equipment and whether it is within the established initial set of packaging efficiency!

Well, the above is the case design of the dry powder mortar robot palletizing packaging line. If there is still something that is not understood, it does not matter, the solution is as follows:

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