Hennopack bottle palletizer with straping and wraping system for Kitchen state soy sauce empty bottle palletising packaging

Industry Application: Empty bottle, plastic bottle, glass bottle, PET bottle,
        Kitchen state is the famous brand of Soy sauce supplier in china, Soy sauce is a liquid condiment of Chinese origin, made from a fermented paste of soybeans, and filling by the plastic bottle. Every day China consumes tens of thousands of empty bottles. And we were invited to solve the packaging efficiency problem for one of a famous bottle manufacturer.

empty bottle palletizer system

The manufacturer currently produces 2 liters and 3 liters of plastic bottles. The automatic bottle making machine produces 8,000 bottles per hour, and the manual packaging can not meet the packing requirements and order shipping requirements.

Design solutions:
     Core equipment: empty bottle auto palletizer, pallet vertical type strapping machine, online turntable pallet stretch wrapper with top plate machine;

plastic bottle palletising system packing line

A. Empty bottle automatic palletizer system combine with pallet dispenser and slip-sheet dispenser, auto supply empty pallet, and will add slip-sheet after each layer finish palletizing,all process without manual.
B.pallet vertical type strapping machine can offer pallet 2 vertical straps bundle, bundling force can adjust from 0-70 kg, avoid bottle drop or dislocation of the slip-separator.
C. Online turntable pallet wrapper will for the pallet around wrap stretch film to dustproof and waterproof during transportation to ensure bottle cleanliness.

The complete line adopts Germany siemens plc control with digital touch screen monitors operating status, and feedback device work condition anytime, anywhere.

Plastic bottle palletizer system with stretch wrapper

The empty soy sauce bottle palletizing packing line has realized the packaging efficiency of 8,000 bottles of the production, from palletizing to stretch wrapping, reduced the need for 8 people,only need one person to finish all the work. In addition, for packaging consumables, will have a clear cost-consumption guarantee to ensure perfecting the enterprise cost investment.

Plastic bottle palletizing packaging line Reference Video


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