Hennopack complete and fully automated Refined Butter oil packaging line

Hennopack complete and fully automated Refined Butter oil packaging line

Sichuan Hangjia Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in 1996 and focuses on the manufacture and sale of edible animal fats (edible beef fat, edible sheep fat, edible poultry fat), edible vegetable oils, and other products; its oil products are the standard for the fat industry in China.


Hangjia oil industry is looking for a supplier who can provide a fully automated complete packaging solution for butterfat oil.

“We are looking for a company that can upgrade the complete butter fat oil production packing line of one of our hot products to ensure that all stations are unmanned and to minimize staff intervention and packaging materials, due to our factory grease manufacturing process has been the guide of the fat industry in China, currently based on the development of the “hot pot” industry, for the production of grease type continuous increase; if continue to use the original manual operation method, increase the labor cost as well as the labor intensity of the staff. ” requested the project manager of the factory.


The Hennopack successful and smooth automation of the entire process of transforming delicate butter fat packaging was also made possible by the cooperation of the Hangjia team throughout the effort process, involving engineering, production, finance, operations, and workshop management.

“When we make the commitment to a piece of complete packing line, it’s not done lightly,” Hennopack engineer said. “In view of the original pipe-filling capacity and space limit, main equipment we choose two sets two head fully auto filling machine, MPK-30K horizontal case erector, two plastic bag maker inserter, two bag sealer, and ABB Robot palletizing system, those combine as a complete packing solution with satisfied all of our stakeholders.”

The Result

1. two sets of advanced two-head automatic filling machines to replace the original semi-automatic filling machine with a dynamic accuracy of up to 0.2% and a filling capacity of 3-4 tons per hour (calculated at 15kg per case);
2. Due to the wide variety of carton sizes available to our customers, we opted for a high-quality, fast-replace horizontal type case erector, even though it costs twice as much as the economic version of the vertical type case erector. but Horizontal case erector only 3-5 min can finish one size change operation;
3. bag maker inserter with auto made-to-measure bag from the reel film, it adopts servo-driven for multiple box application, saves cost reaches 20%;
4. No matter the bag sealing or carton box closing, the equipment also operates automatically. when need to exchange the product size, it only needs to be adjusted to the corresponding position by the handle and measuring tape, which is quick and easy;
5. The automation of the whole line of secondary packaging is inseparable from the stacking station of the products, and this station is a serious hazard to human health and safety. In this solution, we use the top brand-ABB robot for carton palletizing automation, which can achieve a stacking speed of 10 boxes per minute. Although the customer initially favored the cost-saving gantry mechanical palletizer, the robot stacking system was finally chosen because of the need for frequent maintenance and the tendency to contaminate the box surface.

“that equipment working day in the day, you just to replace the packing material cardboard, plastic reel bag, etc,” Hangjia manager said.

He noted that every material cost is controllable,The upgrade of this production packaging system standardizes the process of workshop production, no longer need to worry about the health of employees, the safety of grease; can make our personnel work easier and safer; likewise our cost lean management, increasing the competitive advantage. The most important thing is that the upgraded butter fat oil automatic packaging line, from carton forming, bag maker inserter, automatic filling, bag sealing, automatic robot palletizing and other processes, so that our customers are more at ease, but also let us receive more orders.


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