Hennopack Complete and fully automated solutions to pack paint powders ingredients into lined containers

Automatic packaging production line: The concept of intelligent manufacturing is like the wind sweeping the world. The transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry is an urgent task. The backwardness of the industrial structure and the increase in production costs have squeezed the survival space of the traditional manufacturing industry, prompting the traditional manufacturing industry to break away from the previous manufacturing model and upgrade from manufacturing to knowledge manufacturing. In the process of upgrading, the establishment of smart factories and the use of smart packaging industries is an irresistible trend.

As far as the powder industry is concerned, the powder is the basic raw material of many industries, such as coffee freeze-dried powder, medicine, titanium powder, food additives, baking powder, paint powder, etc. Because of their production speed, these industries have never been focused on the automation upgrade of the packaging process; but from the acceleration of globalization of trade, the upgrade of the level of science and technology, and the increase in labor costs; this has led to a decline in industry profits and the closure of enterprises, and has also allowed the leaders of this industry to recognize the efficiency of automated production lines is important. Henno Packaging has received an invitation from a paint powder production enterprise for its more than ten years of experience in automated packaging lines. To provide complete and fully automated solutions to pack paint powders ingredients into lined containers, in the meantime, reach the polybag automatic folder and sealing, box top sealing. The entire automatic packing line has doubled the production line of the enterprise, and only need one employee could control the entire packaging line–smart and efficient. Let us understand in-depth the dramatic changes that this intelligent powder production line solution brings to the packaging industry in the powder industry.

This completely and automatic packaging line includes automatic unpacking machine, automatic bag-in-box machine, automatic powder filling machine, automatic bag sealing, automatic case sealing machine:
1.case unpacking machine also calls carton box erector, It is a device that turns cardboard into a carton and seals the bottom. First, suck the cardboard of the storage tank through the suction cup, and then restrict the path through the desired mechanism to form the carton during the suction process; the next step is to use the cylinder mechanism to fold the bottom of the carton and push it forward to seal the bottom tape; in this project Inside, we use a forming machine with vertical storage structure, the speed is 8-10 boxes per minute, controlled by Siemens PLC, which can be used alone or linked to the production line.
2. Poly Bag inserter machine also called liner bag in box machine. It is a kind of equipment to automatically lined the bag lined into the carton. In the current market, there are two structures, one is to purchase the bag first, and then insert the formed bag into the carton through the equipment. The equipment of this structure is currently well-known by an international patty company; the other self-developed structure by us has an automatic bag-making function. The raw material used is a roll of gusseted polyethylene tubing, the feed length of the liner bag is set by PLC, then the bag bottom seal heat and cutting then direct place inserted into the carton. This project is adopting the second solution.in this project, and the liner insert carton machine adds air blowing function to uniformly combine the bag and the carton to facilitate product filling. The whole liner in box machine adopts PLC control, servo drive transmission, Japan SMC pneumatic component suction, reliable performance, according to our standard size, it can achieve 6-8 bags per minute into the box, the machine can use carbon steel or sanitary grade 304 stainless steel. This device can not only place the bag into a case but also into the iron drum, crate or tray, and cuffs the bag over the edges.
polybag into box machine3. Powder filling machine is mainly used for automatic quantitative filling of powder, equipped with imported brand weighing instruments, and designed the feeding structure by itself. It can be designed into vibration feeding or twisting type feeding according to the height of the workshop, with an accuracy of up to ± 50g; In addition, it is equipped with a dust collection device to reduce the dust lifting during the filling process, so that the operation workshop is clean and tidy. The filling speed can reach 120-180 packs per minute and 25kg per pack.
4.Vibration leveler, mainly used to lay the products in the middle of the pile in the carton evenly, which is convenient for subsequent bag sealing and carton top sealing. This mechanism can choose according to different materials.
5. Bag closer and sealer machine, it can automatically easy-to-use bag sealers, which automatically close the bag.; due to there are some product industries, such as freeze-dried powder, baking powder, candy, pharmaceutical particles, etc., in the transportation process, can not be polluted by air moisture, It needs to be hermetically sealed, so it is necessary to fully seal the plastic bag; this equipment could achieve such a demand. In the meantime, because there is air in the bag, and it is also equipped to remove the air inside the bag, the bag and the powder dust are tighter, and the carton Better folding seal on top and safety of subsequent stacking.
6.carton box closer machine, this type of carton sealing machine can be used as long as there is a carton packaging industry. Whether it is a fully automated production line or a semi-automatic production line, it can reduce labor intensity and improve the carton sealing efficiency, up to 25- 30 boxes; In addition, the low input cost of this equipment, any product manufacturer can use it, is the gospel of our carton packaging industry.

The above is the main equipment used in this paint powder project. The investment in this fully automated production line can reduce 8 employees, and the efficiency is more than twice; in the future, this powder packing solution which requires bags to be automatically inserted into the carton and filled in the bag, similar industries such as Tobacco, candy, pharmaceutical granules, coffee, solid oil, etc., also will increasingly adopt this flexible packaging scheme, unified control, and unified monitoring, allowing enterprises to gradually shift to unmanned production.

When you also saw this article, you found that there are better solutions or you are just working on chemicals, pharmaceuticals, paint powders, food ingredients, and bread improvers which need powder or food ingredients complete automatic packaging solution. Hennopack could discuss and deal with those machine process with your need.


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