Hennopack Fanuc robot case packer for rice bag into box

Fanuc robot case packer and palletizing system for rice bag fully automatic secondary packing line.
Industry: 5 kg Rice bag
packing solution offer: Auto case erector, robot pick bag and place into box machine, carton robot palletizer, and carton sealer.
Date of installation: April 2020

Rice has long been a staple food in many countries around the world, and rice is the world’s most widely grown food. The rice packing type usually through the bag to place, and then load onto the pallet. Such as China, rice is the most important food for people, and the china government always protects farmland. With economic development, china rice bag packing weight also has a lot of various, such as 5kg,10kg,15kg,25kg, and so on. This rice manufacture will need many operators to do. After all, If the same weight of rice needs to be packaged, the smaller the package, the more times of labor will be required, the packing cost will be rise. Currently, the Hennopack team invited for a rice processing plant to plan a fully automatic secondary line.
Through our team and customer’ worker discuss, found that their customer mainly is the city worker people, because the city worker normal will enjoy their weekend by cooking themself, so this rice manufacturer only do 5kg rice bag packing. Due to the rice bag size small, could not stacking like the 50kg rice bag packing. It needs a place into a carton box and then ships out to the customer. In addition, the factory has four semi-automatic rice bag filling machines, could be filling each bag in 5 seconds. the factory building height only 2800mm.
bag rice case packer

Based on the above situation, we have made a customized packing solution: factory space width size not enough to remold the filling machine, so also adopt people to assist filling rice, and other workflows all adopt automatic machines to finish. Let us see the solution of how to help them reach rice bag secondary automatic packing line:
1.outside carton box unpacking always adopts a carton box erector machine, it could stack 100 boxes, and meet 30 minutes of production line application, it only needs people to add the cardboard, don’t need more operator to check. It also has internet communication exchange, and if have any fault, will feedback to the main system, the worker could deal with the error for the first time. In addition. our case erector adds a new function—when the tapeless will alarm and when the tape use finish, also will return the signal to the control system, the worker could replace the adhesive tape in advance and don’t affect the product.
Because the space length also not enough, we design double layer conveyor to transfer empty carton and full carton, after the carton box folding and bottom sealing, will transfer one climbing conveyor to the top layer conveyor. and then will lifter the carton to the place position.
2.robot case packer.due to the building height is low, and not enough for the top type case packer install. In addition, four rice filling machine speeds reach 24 bags per minute, if using the top type case packer, the machine size will be big, and need one-time pick 4 bags into four boxes at the same time. But space not allow this design. Through technical discuss and 3D demonstration, we choose the rice bag carton sealersix-axis Fanuc robot as the case packer, six-axis robot could flexible to deal with space and space issues, one robot to deal with two rice bag filling production line and meet 12 bag packing per minute, the rice bag will be using square roller vibrates to level the rice, and then sucker picks it into carton. After finish packing, the carton will transfer to the carton sealer by the bottom conveyor.
3.carton sealer, As long as the carton packaging is related to the industry, all carton top-sealing operation will adopt it, owing to its cost economic, and sealing speed fast, standard type case sealer could reach 20 boxes seal per minute in the L500*W500H500MM size range. Most of the case packer production lines will equip it.

4.carton box strapping machine, under normal conditions, most of the carton box only sealing one type of tape, but some company or product value high, it will adopt add carton corner sealing or strap bundle. In this case, we think the rice needs a long way to transport, we choose the carton strapping machine to bundle two straps, it could let the carton structure stable and customer easy to take out the rice.
5. product stack away is hard work for the worker, this case we also choose the same brand-Japan Fanuc robot to finish the laborious work, one robot for two-line carton box palletizing, it could meet 10box load on the pallet in one minute.
rice box palletizer

To synthesize the above contents, the robot case packer and palletizer solution have solving customer’s factory space small and the height question, and 1400 rice bag packing line only need two manual to work, labor cost also low. The robots cost accounts for a large proportion of the cost in the secondary packaging line, but it has a whole host of clever functions to maximize the customer’s production and space deal, and customers is delighted with the outcome thus far.

Fanuc robot case packer and palletizer packing line for Rice bag working display

Hennopack always focuses on the carton handling packing solution and wrapping solution, if you want to know more case about robot case packer, welcome to contact us engineer or keep care.

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