Hennopack Fully automatic rotary arm stretch film line serves Australian Concept Logistics Pty Ltd

Really good logistics warehousing companies not only store customer products but also pay attention to the protection of the entire product packaging. Many warehousing companies simply enter and exit the customer tray products, which makes the product packaging greatly reduced and increases user costs.

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Hennopack Fully auto rotary arm pallet stretch wrapper system for Concept Logistics

Concept Logistics (Australia) Pty Ltd is a famous warehousing; using modern facilities for short and long term storage for pallet load material. In order to meet the needs of more and more customers, improve the storage capacity in the warehouse, expand the larger capacity, and respond to the customer’s requirements for distribution efficiency, adopt a fully automatic stretch film wrapping film packaging line from Hennopack. This rotary arm tray packaging line brings more effect to logistics companies:
1. Long-term storage materials are easily affected by dust and water vapor. This system provides a complete five-sided protection effect and keeps the product as new for a long time.
2. For the products on the pallet, it can be effectively arranged and wrap, and it can avoid the pallets product from falling when it is stored high.
3. For the same customer product, it can be stored centrally and label tag management at the same time, which is convenient for stock and picking.
4. Enhance the protection of customers’ outer packaging, avoid customer’s interests and compensation claims, and enhance the image of warehousing.
5. The whole line packing situation can be connected to the warehousing monitoring system to monitor the number of workshop packaging at any time, and at the same time, it can store data and organize and improve the intelligent management of storage.

Currently, Concept Logistics has finished manage stock intelligently and to be innovative, flexible and cost-effective in its approach to third party warehousing.In the future, more and more logistics warehousing companies will pay attention to pallet packaging protect, and Henno Packaging will continue to innovate to develop a tailored pallet stretch wrapper solution to meet logistics warehousing specific mange and stock requirement.

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