Hennopack High Speed Ring Pallet stretch wrapper has been successfully developed

Due to economic development and technological reasons, the production of foreign markets and the focus on the packaging are earlier than China. The concept of focusing on the protection of pallet products during the transportation is also first proposed and practiced abroad. China has undergone reform and opening up for 30 years because of the introduction of foreign capital As well as the cooperation with international companies, China company gradually realized that the protection of pallet packaging is related to the potential profit of the company. The demand for pallet wrapping film packaging machines has doubled every year. Many companies have already invested in the development and production of stretch film wrapping machine equipment manufacturing. Some companies only produce semi-automatic pallet wrap machine series, low-speed online pallet wrapper machine series. For some high-speed or special-function wrapping film packaging equipment, it is difficult to find a corresponding reliable supplier for the time being; for this situation, Henno Technology The team developed a cold shrink/heat stretch-hood machine in 19 years, and again developed and manufactured a high-speed ring pallet stretch wrapper machine in 2020. The packaging speed can be as high as 60-120 trays per hour. Its success heralds the saving of more packaging personnel for large-scale production industries such as beverages, food, and daily chemicals, and the production line is more intelligent and efficient.
Businesses which use the Hennopack want to achieve a higher level of reliability, whether to cope with their current demand or due to increased production necessitating a faster stretch film wrap solution, let us learn the strength ring pallet wrap machine function.
1.Ring pallet stretch wrap working principle
Place the loaded pallet in the center of the turntable, start the rotate motor, and naturally drive the ring to rotate, so that the pallet placed in the center of the turntable realizes the peripheral film wrapping. In the meantime, the elevator motor is also started, driving the entire assembly of the wrapping machine mold frame to move up and down to achieve the wrapping of the pallet in the height direction, which realizes the wrapping of the entire appearance of the pallet. The main thing in the wrapping process is the adjustment of the film tension to bundle. Generally, the film tension can be achieved by adjusting the ring rotation speed and the foil feeding speed. As long as you know that the ring rotation speed is greater than the film feeding speed, the film will be tighter and vice versa. It is not difficult to master this principle to operate this ring stretch film wrap machine.
2.Machine features
A: Fully automatic, the machines employ the “ring method”, whereby the wrapping film reel is suspended from a ring and it revolves around the pallet. The ring is raised and lowered according to the wrapping program. it means the machine can start wrapping at any position, satisfy the diversified packing method, adapt to a wider range, have the flexible application, has quick, efficient and other characteristics.
B: The packaging efficiency reaches 60 to 120 pallets per hour. Packaging efficiency is 2-3 times that of the ordinary online turntable or rotary arm stretch wrapper machine. Fast speed means the new high-speed ring packaging machine as a new generation wrapping machine, has the revolutionary improvement, and one device can cope with the confluence of packaging efficiency of more production lines, with better space planning and easy maintenance.
C: It is driven by a horizontal rotating ring, with smooth rotation, the pallet remains stationary throughout the process, the system can easily handle unstable or lightweight or height products with highly effective. There are no centrifugal forces to cause stress or strain on the load or equipment.
D:The site layout is more flexible, not limited by the direction, can adapt to the 90-degree direction of the output. Regardless of the angle of shipment, the ring structure is completely unaffected by the film’s upper and lower film, avoiding the shortcomings of the conventional online stretch wrapper machine to limit the output angle.
E: It can increase the function of top pallet covering film, an integrated top sheet dispenser that provides automatic weather-proofing without taking up floor space. Or extra add top press plate to keep load stabilizer to ensure unstable loads remain intact throughout the wrapping operation.
F: Pre-stretched film frame, withdraw ratios of 250%, 300%, and 350%, with adjustable film exit speed. Save material means the customer can choose a variety of flexible packaging methods according to the need, saving the packaging materials more than 20 meters per pallet, saving the cost of about 20,000 USD per year. It covers the most fundamental needs of all customers, saves money and saves the waste of resources.
G: The way the world deals with data and interacts with equipment has changed significantly in recent years, and Hennopack ring stretch wrap adopts high-level PLC to control, a solution that allows the company’s system to interact with a ring pallet wrap machine with over a secure Ethernet connection. It truly reflects the revolutionary significance of industry 4.0!

3.Machine Parameters:

Packaging efficiency60-120 pallets/ hour
Pallet size 1200mm * 1200mm * 2000mm (can be customized)
 500 * 500 * 1200mm (min)
Ring speed35-50rpm,
Membrane framePre-stretch,stretch ratio up to 350%
Packaging materials LLDPE stretched film, LLDPE stretched film, width 500mm, thickness 15um-25um, outer diameter less than 260mm; inner core 76mm;
Supporting conveyor line L = 2800mm (optional)
Pneumatic system 1000ml / min, 0.4-0.6MPa
Working voltage 380VAC / 3 phase 5 wire / 50Hz, 5kw
Machine size3400mm * 2200mm,weight 2000kg

People’s daily life is inseparable from many fields such as edible oil, rice, flour, noodles, rice noodles, soy milk, food, beverage products, food raw materials, oil and fat chemicals, textiles and so on. The huge daily output of finished products will be produced, and the pallet packaging is the last step of many food manufacturing processes, we need ensure pallet wrapping products well, Reliable pallet wrapping is important because it sits at the end of the production line. “If it fails, if this area stops, or is slow, everything behind it is limited. Because if you can’t get it out, there’s no point in producing it,” Deliver speed, reliability, economy, and safety of the Ring Pallet Wrapper from Hennopack.It not only secure to ready for shipping but also that they arrive at their final destination in good condition.

If your production line or your robot palletizing project needs a stretch film wrapping solution for load pallet, we can discuss with each other and find a system that suits you for you, please click below to contact.

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