Hennopack inline pallet palletizing and stretch wrapping system for Pepsi-Cola drinking industry production line

Due to the impact of the epidemic in 2020, the production of many large enterprises has been severely hit, especially those with a large number of employees. Because this virus can cause people to pass from person to person, especially for companies that depend on employees, they need to be isolated from each other to prohibit virus infection, which also leads to companies needing to stop production.PepsiCo recognizes the impact of viruses on production and cannot rely too much on employee operations in the future when it is unknown. After a high-level decision, the newly put into operation of the beverage production line, all processes are consistent with the use of automated equipment to replace personnel, to avoid the impact of new viruses on enterprise production, Henno Packaging is fortunate to participate in the design and manufacture of this fully automated production line.
In this newly put into the production line, Henno packaging mainly supplied automatic pallets distributer, automatically palletizing system, and pallet stretches film wrapper. After all, these belong to Henno’s main advantages and have more than 15 years of experience. Let’s understand the performance of the participating devices together:

1.pallet distributor, also called pallet dispenser, is mainly used for the automatic distribution of empty pallets. It consists of four parts: storage bin, separation mechanism, pallet lifting mechanism and conveying structure. Among them, the storage bin can store at least 12 empty pallets or more than 25 empty pallets if the use site permits. The separation speed of each pallet is 25 seconds. If the customer needs a higher separation speed, Henno Packaging Technology can currently achieve two pallets every 23 seconds. The pallet distributor is mainly used in combination with the palletizing system to realize the automatic supply of pallets without the need for personnel monitoring, especially in industries with large production volumes, such as food, logistics, warehousing, beverages, etc. It is indispensable for automatic palletizing production lines portion. At the same time, the tray dispenser can be modified to realize the automatic storage of an empty pallet, which is called a pallet storage machine(pallet collector) at this time.
pallet dispenser2. The low-level palletizer is mainly used in industries with high-speed requirements and heavy products and is compatible with multiple specifications. Although the use of robot palletizing is also in line with the above situation, for many varieties of robots, the fixtures need to be replaced frequently, which costs Large, and in The efficiency is slightly lower than the frame-type palletizer; in addition, the low-level palletizer is easier to maintain and maintain, because it is a mechanical structure, for industries with heavy goods and frequent use, high stability, and low requirements for electronic equipment applications by personnel, Easy to operate. With sufficient space for use, this equipment is the best choice for palletizing stations of large chemical companies.
3. The rotary arm pallet wrap machine mainly winds the stretch film around the product automatically to prevent the product from collapsing. In the meantime, it is easy to transport and the product is in a good position, which is helpful for the user to unload. The main feature of this equipment is that the product stops in place and then uses a rotation The structure automatically covers the stretch film around the pallet and can stretch the stretch film from 1 meter to 2.5 meters, which is faster than manual and more efficient, and also saves the cost of consumables. It is very suitable for industries with high palletizing, heavy goods, and high-efficiency requirements; pallets under 2 meters can pack more than 40 pallets per minute, which is an advantageous choice for integrating the palletizing system to achieve full line automation.Refer below rotary arm pallet wrap live application video:

4.Heavy-duty roller conveyor line, which is used to transfer the load of pallets. The roller conveyor can load 2 tons per meter. If a larger load is required, Henno Packaging Technology can achieve more than 4 tons of transportation; just the weight of each pallet in PepsiCo About 1.5 tons, according to our standards is enough to meet the design and application.
Hennopack roller conveyor

The above is the case sharing of Henno Packaging Technology’s equipment participation in a Pepsi production line design and use; if you have similar project needs or need solutions for pallet palletizing, pallet stretch film wrapping, pallet distributor, etc., please click below to contact.

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