HennoPack innovative case packer and robotic palletizer system for multiple-product lines apply

Hennopack has designed a new robotic palletizing system, which introduces the three different production line carton packages stack into the relative pallet without rise more stack equipment, irrespectively of the product size arriving from the infeed conveyor.

Industry: Pouch bag Milk powder
Solution: Auto spider robot case packer and robot palletizer
Install date: March 2021

Wipmex is a well-known milk powder manufacturer in New Zealand, Currently, milk powder products are mainly exported to China, but the Middle East also accounts for a relatively large share. Now they have 14 milk powder production lines, but they all use manual packaging. Labor costs put a lot of pressure on enterprises. Their chairman is also troubled by this factor. Once again by chance, they found the Henno Packaging team and found that many case experiences met their requirements, and then offer their requirement.
hennopack robotic palletizer

Pouch Milk bag carton spider robot case packer and robot palletizer

Through our technical team with Wimpex Producing engineer discuss, we found that their each line carton speed not very fast, and they will have many type product will producing with the same line at different time. This situation causes many technical difficulties by design because we need to refer to the below reason:
1.The investment cost can be recovered in the shortest possible time;
2.As far as possible, consider using one device to meet the application of the same online product to save more space and money;
3.Palletizing positions can meet multiple production line applications as much as possible, reducing labor.
4.the system could be dispensing different size pallets for the corresponding production line at the same time.

Through our calculation, the total speed of their three adjacent production packing lines is 8 boxes per minute, one of them will have six types of product, and the other two lines will have two types of product. Three lines will have two sizes of pallet applications. In addition, for the space application is length:13 metres and the width is 9metre, this means we need to design a multiple function system, and the machine size must compact.

Based on the above factors, we use the following methods for the entire case packing and palletizing system station to achieve the customer’s goal.
A.for the first step-case erecting and bottom seal, this step, we recommend the high cost but function stable equipment–horizontal type case former to finish this station; why we don’t choose the cost-effective type–vertical type case erector. Because the customer has six or more carton sizes, and we need to think operator technical level, and convenient, also the machine has more stable with less maintenance. After all, for one operator who has a certain degree of skill, the company will need to pay more labor costs. A few replacement steps are good for a customer many kinds of carton size work and with the same packing effect.
B.the second–stand up zipper pouch bag auto into a carton; due to customer’s milk powder product export many countries, each country packing type will differ based on their consumption habits; There are too many customer specifications, and the conventional case packer structure is not enough to reach. We need to find a softer and more compatible system. We choose a spider robot case packer as the best solution for this station. We have set up four sets of programs according to the arrangement of customers’ products inside the box. When they need to switch varieties, they can select the corresponding program.
C. the third step–case sealer. Wipmex’s philosophy is to achieve full automation, and when exchanging varieties, hope fewer people participate in the operation process. After all, human factors are prone to errors and cannot be unified. We recommend a fully auto case sealer for this packing line. This machine belongs to an advanced Random carton sealer, mainly developed for the multi-standard carton size packaging industry. It can automatically detect the length, width, and height of the carton, and then automatically adjust the mechanism to adapt to the carton tape sealing, high automated.
hennopack horizontal type case erector

D.For the important step–the carton robotic palletizer system. Three line carton products will stack on the different position pallet at the same time, the interval between the three packaging lines has reached 6.5 meters. The traditional gantry type palletizer is large in size and slow inefficiency; we can only adopt innovative designs from the robot body. According to the current radius of robot activity in the world, it is impossible to achieve direct palletizing work. It means we must find another way–We have added a movable axis, which we can call the seventh axis of the robot in the industry. The whole robot body could be moved by the seventh axis according to the control signal, and then go to the corresponding packaging line for carton picking and stacking. This could easily solve multiple lines of carton stacking in different pallets without more equipment.
hennopack fully auto case sealer

In addition, due to wpmix’s customer country is different, it means each batch producing packing type is random, and also means the empty pallet size for those three-production line carton product stacks, it is random. So for the empty pallet supply, the original plan that we will adopt a traditional empty pallet dispenser machine, but through we design the layout, This will take more time and space, which could not suitable for this project. Thus we have designed an integrated multifunctional robotic palletizer fixture, it could pick the carton load onto the pallet, also could meet for 1200*1100mm or 1100*1100 mm empty pallet pick to the palletizing position. Efficient and easy to solve the application of mixed pallet size for the palletizer packing line.

When we design the turnkey project of the secondary packaging automation production line. The most important thing is the design of the control system, especially when so many product types are applied to the same system. We adopt international Plc brand–Germany Siemens, and 10 inches HIM. According to the customer’s ten kinds of carton size, we edit 10 groups palletizing programs. The operator could choose the correct batch code without any other technical assistance when the exchange different product manufacturer.

In this HennoPack innovative multiple-product lines case packer and robotic palletizer system, Of course, we need to pay equal attention to safety same with intelligence. All equipment, where it could be move or driven, we design and manufacture those structures with warning colors, we use safety door of protection for each equipment. In automatic mode, all actions triggering the opening of the safety door will result in the stop use of the equipment.

The above briefly describes the turnkey project of automatic boxing and robotic palletizing system designed by the HennoPackaging technical team for the stand-up pouch industry. If you want to know more details, or if you need to be planned for secondary packaging automation for similar products, please contact our technicians or email:service@hennopack.com



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