Hennopack pallet automatic cleaning system makes your pallet more clean and durable

In our daily life, unclean food is likely to cause a large number of diseases and endanger people’s lives and safety. Therefore, in our food processing industry, hygiene and safety are very important factors and are also the focus of every food processing manufacturer. The trays used by most manufacturers are food-grade material pallets; however, plastic pallets are prone to stains and oils after long-term use.,those are easily infected with food. For this reason, Henno Packaging Technology is invited to customize a fully automatic pallet cleaning solution for them by one Food company. Let’s take a look at the functions that this solution can achieve:
1.pallet automatic distribution system, Since the automatic cleaning function, is adopted, the efficiency of manually placing the pallet must not keep up with the speed of equipment cleaning. At the same time, a pallet also has a weight of 20 to 30 kilograms. People repeatedly carry it, and the labor intensity is large, which affects the health of the operator; therefore, The automatic pallet distribution system is adopted. This system is equipped with an automatic stacking system. It only needs the forklift to put 12 pallets or 15 pallets together on the roller conveyor line, and it will automatically flow to the distribution mechanism. The distribution mechanism automatically lifts this stack the pallets, and gradually separate the pallets one by one to the feed line and transport them to the next station; This separated could reach 3 pallets dispensing per minute.
2.pallet washing machine, It is a new type of continuous cleaning equipment that uses a chain drive conveyor belt to transport workpieces and has the functions of cleaning liquid spray washing, clean water rinsing, air cutting, hot air drying, etc. It is mainly used for the plastic crate, turnover basket, plastic pallet, materials The cleaning and drying of trays and other products can effectively remove all kinds of dust, oil, dirt, etc. For example, the trays in the logistics industry can be cleaned with this equipment, and the trays in the food industry can be used, with a wide range of applications. Tray cleaning machine cleaning process (mainly the following 6 work processes):
(1) First of all, hot water cleaning (a cleaning agent such as alkali can be added) is used to clean oil stains and stains;
(2) Then brush the brush for the second time: add a brush in the middle of the first and second groups of spraying sections to wash the upper and lower surfaces of the tray, and remove the difficult stains and washing liquid;
(3) The third time is hot water flushing spray tray (using 7.5kw vertical multistage pump)
(4) The fourth time is to rinse the spray tray with clean water to a clean state.
(5) Air knife water removal: A high-pressure vortex air pump is used to quickly remove 70% of the water on the surface of the tray through a special air knife. High-pressure air knife water removal combined with a drying tunnel is the current reasonable drying method;
(6) Hot circulating air to remove water: Electric heating is used to heat the remaining water droplets and water vapor of the tray to dry. The cabinet has a thermal insulation design to prevent heat loss and save energy. The drying tunnel uses the method of heating with a hot airbox to raise the temperature of the drying tunnel to the set state and cooperates with the drying fan to perform the drying operation of the tray. The drying tunnel makes the tray dry to a water-free state. The dryness of the tray is about 95%. After being placed for 10 minutes, the tray is completely water-free and normal use.
After the above six cycle steps, a beautiful and clean pallet is newly released, and the next step is the pallet inspection station.

3. The pallet inspection station is mainly for repairing damaged pallets, which can increase the service life of the pallet and also ensure the safety of subsequent palletizing. In addition, the pallet with electronic chip tracking can be replaced with new ones. The chip is in line with the tracking and follow-up of the use of a smart follow-up pallet.
4.pallet recycling system. After the pallet is cleaned and the appearance is normal, we need to stack the pallet. This recovery system can gradually stack the pallets into 12 or 15 pcs per stack of pallets or even more, which is convenient for the pallets to be wrapped and shipped later. The recovery structure adopts the bottom cylinder to lift, and the electric clamping mechanism on the left and right sides of the structure is safe and fast.

5. The last station is an automatic stretch wrapper system. This station is very necessary for pallet cleaning manufacturers. After all, the shape and number of pallets of each customer are different. After the film is wrapped around the film, the card is strongly guaranteed Quantity and do not fall; at the same time, after wrapping the film around the pallet, it can prevent the pallet from rubbing the scratched surface on the left and right again, or colliding with the carriage, avoid infecting secondary pollution and reducing the cleaning effect.
pallet stretch wrapperThrough the above process, we can understand that the tray cleaning system not only extends the service life of the turnover trays, pallets, and blister pallets, but also reduces the customer’s cost of use, and after removing the oil and impurities from the pallet, it can protect our health and safety. With the continuous strengthening of the concept of food safety and environmental awareness, I believe that in the future, it will be selected by more and more industries.
If you happen to be paying attention to the pallet cleaning or are in preparation, perhaps the experience of Henno Packaging can help you. You are welcome to contact and communicate at any time.


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