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With the development of the packaging industry, the demand is becoming more and more diversified. According to the previous packaging classification, it is difficult to meet the higher packaging requirements of customers.

        From the year of 2018, the customer inquiry encountered by Henno pack is no longer Previously standard equipment requirements, but faster, more shaped, more compatible customization requirements. For example, our newly developed case erector with nail-sealing, aircraft box folding machine, gift box unpacking machine, etc.

      Therefore, in order to let customers better understand the types of products produced by Hennopack and select the right equipment, the new product catalog has been updated, mainly from four categories;

1;Carton forming and sealing packing series, mainly serving the carton unpacking and sealing solution,such as up to 30 ctns high speed carton box erector,tray erector and so on;
 2;Carton box packer series,mainly provides solutions to how the product is loaded into the box,such as robotic packer,glass bottle box packer,Stand-self pouch case packer and so on;
 3; Palletizing series, mainly providing related robotic palletizing schemes and related supporting equipment,such as pallet dispenser,slip sheet dispenser and so on.
 4; Pallet stretch film wrapper series, mainly around the pallet PP/PET strapping machine, paper corner addition, top film cover, or empty pallet slip dispenser, pallet conveyor system and other special functional requirements to provide solutions.

    Although we have successfully provided packaging solutions for more customer products, the catalogue is only a small part of the display. If you have more needs, you can contact us(hennopack@gmail.com) by email and we will solve the problem for you in the first time.

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