Hennopack Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper with Top Plate for Thailand EIAMHENG tapioca starch bag pallet

Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper with Top Plate for tapioca starch bag pallet film wrapping

Industry: Titanium powder, gypsum powder, cement, rice, and other bag packaging industries;
Packaging solutions provided: Conveyorized fully auto rotary is pallet wrap with top press plate;

          Eiamheng is one of the largest tapioca starch producers in Thailand, and because of its good quality and prompt delivery, it has won more and more orders. recently, the production capacity more than 4,000 tons of various grades of tapioca starch per day. The packaging efficiency of the workshop staff can’t keep up with the increased production. We are invited to provide automated packaging solutions for their product line to improve their serve.

The pallet of product is height, request the pallet need dustproof and rainproof, and the equipment of the application site is relatively narrow. We discussed with Eiamheng engineers to design a rotary arm wrapping machine with a small footprint and automatic top foil cover. Packing speed can reach 25 pallets; In addition, extra added a top press plate to prevent the airflow generated during the rotation of the cantilever from blowing off the top film, which affects the product protection effect.

Below is Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper with Top Plate training Video in factory

Below is Online rotary arm pallet wrap with top press plate working video in EIAMHENG manufacturer

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