Hennopack semi-auto pallet turntable stretch wrapper install flow

Hennopack is the leading manufacturer of pallet wrap machine in China, and make all type stretch film wrapping machine for pallet packaging, include in-line top film cover, in-line top sheet dispenser, turntable stretch wrapper, rotary arm pallet stretch film wrap, orbital wrapper, horizontal type wrapping machine, robot wrapper, semi-auto turntable stretch wrapper with top plate and so on.

     So when we purchase one semi-automatic stretch film wrapper from hennopack, how do we install it? Please follow the customer factory installation steps below:

Unpack the wooden box and check if the equipment is in good condition

Installation diagram 1:Align both ends of the forklift with both sides of chassis slot, fork the chassis from the iron shelf into the ground.

Installation diagram 2:Twisted steel wire rope on the column’s roof holes, screw tight on both sides.

Installation diagram 3:Forklift forks on both ends into the middle of the wire rope in position, and lift.

Installation diagram 4:Lift the column with a forklift, moving to the chassis! Require someone to hold the column.

Installation diagram 5:Note: when forklift fork column on the chassis, requires someone to hold the column to avoid column chassis motor hit!

Installation diagram 6:Staffs should hold the column, fixed on the chassis, so as not to shake!

Installation diagram 7:Staffs ready to screw after place the column smoothly.

Installation diagram 8:Staffs ready to mount the screws with four pillar angle.

Installation diagram 9:Staffs ready for the film carriage installation.

Installation diagram 10:Staff will hang the film carriage at two holes on top of the column.

Installation diagram 11:Staffs prepare to remove film carriage protective .

Pallet semi-auto stretch wrap install film(pdf) download or 24-hour service line:service@hennopack.com

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