The Destacker Pallet Dispenser is a high speed, motor-driven pallet dispenser designed to inserts or removes the pallets using a stacking truck or a forklift truck in the warehousing industry. It is equipped with a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) that is connected to several infrared photoelectric eyes. When the chamber is empty the PLC opens the safety doors and moves single stacks of pallets, via automated conveyor, into the chamber and then dispenses them at specific time intervals onto the out-feed conveyor. The Destacker will accept pallet stacks up to twenty high in various sizes and conditions.

Technical Parameter

Type: High-speed pallet dispenser
Controls: PLC controlled with pallet detection sensors
Fit for pallet size: Australia chep pallet L1165*W1165*H150mm(could be customized)
Pallet capacity: 30 units
Distribute speed:25-30 second/pallet
Stacker structurer:hook tyne pallet dispensers
Voltage: 1 phase 220-240VAC / 50 Hz
Power Unit: Electric drive system
Lifting weight:1500kg max
Air pressure:0.4-0.6Mpa
Noise Level:70 dB(A)
PLC: Siemens/Germany
HMI: Siemens/Germany
Proximity switch: Sick /Germany
Limited switch: Steimex/Germany
Cylinder: Shako/Taiwan
Cylinder valve: Shako/Taiwan
Sensor: Sick/Germany
Forks: (2) full fork pallet extensions
Four hooks device
Feeding pallet method: power chain to get pallet out


1.No manual handling of pallets,reduces manual labor;
2.Stores pallets safely Capacity of 25 or 30 pallets;
3.Interlocked light barrier & full-height fabricated side walls to ensure safe work;
4.Support walls & Front Retainer Frame to ensure square & stable loads;
3.Frees forklift time as retrieval of pallets can be done with a hand pallet truck,reduced ergonomic issues;
4.No damage to pallets versus another pallet dispenser. The hook tyne dispenser does not grip pallets by crushing the sides – it lifts them in the same way that a forklift or hand pallet truck does.

*Lift style pallet dispenser
*Fork style pallet dispenser
*Finger style pallet dispenser

*Easily integrated into existing palletizing or depalletizing system;
*In fibreboard plants where bundles of cartons need to be palletised;
*In stand-alone applications where a pallet is dispensed onto the floor. This makes individual pallets available to operators without the need for a forklift.

High speed destacker pallet dispenser reference video

The pallet magazine/ pallet dispenser is a standard pallet magazine but has a lot of possibilities when it comes to types of pallets and sizes. Customer-specific solutions can be offered by hennopack.Interested in implementing a pallet stacker in your facility, or simply want to know more about it?please feel free to contact us—

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