High-speed forming & gluing boxes technological solutions for fruit and vegetable tray box former

Corrugated boxes are currently one of the most widely used packaging materials in the world, and their uses can be made into a variety of cartons, gift boxes, etc. In recent years, especially in the fruit, vegetable or gift packaging industry, due to changes in customer consumption and retailers’ emphasis on attrition rates. The usage of corrugated packaging boxes is also increasing year by year. This is a very favorable trend for various packaging and printing products factories. However, with the increase in the number of orders, there are other problems that hinder the development of these enterprises. The increase in the number of orders must require the expansion of manpower and the packing machine upgrade. But with the industrial upgrading of printing and packaging products and the rising trend of labor processing costs, the severe situation of increasing processing costs in the packaging industry year by year has brought super compression of printing product profits, consumer packaging costs increase and more and more difficult survival risks to all relevant enterprises. This requires design and develop more efficient and adaptable equipment. Henno Packaging has researched the current trend of packaging boxes(trays) for fruits, vegetables, and gifts, combined with international technology, designed and manufactured a brand-new automatic paper carton tray processing equipment. The equipment has the advantages of high efficiency–tray folding speed up to 40 pcs per minute, flexible operation-PLC control, low maintenance cost, compatible with various shapes of box forming,5 times faster than traditional manual operations. The advantages of the equipment are automatic paper feeding, dispensing, folding and one-time completion. It has improved the fruits and vegetables and gift tray paper box industry forming efficiency. Equipment technical information is as follows:
Technical Parameters

Machine ModelMTF-10
Folding speed25-40 pcs/minute(depend on the paper size)
Cardboard stack height280mm
Stack load weight30kg
Hot glueSpain-meller
Cardboard thickness max5mm
Cardboard thickness min1.5mm
Glue bucket capacity6 liters
Air source (Litre/min)50 L / min
Power3pash,380V, 50Hz/60Hz
Noise level≤80dB
Total power15KW
Net weight1500kg
Machine size2650X1500X2450mm (LXWXH)

Main Feature:
1. The imported intelligent glue spraying system is used, with the function of automatic glue spraying and filling,
2. Vacuum paper suction type automatic feeding, continuous operation of paper feeding, edge wrapping, ear folding and forming, one-time completion,
3. Adopt PLC programmable controller, photoelectric tracing system, air source detection and operation system, touch screen human-machine interface, and implement the whole process automation of the forming of the conjoined cover carton;
4. Automatically push the paperboard to apply glue before and after, reduce the error of photo-eye irradiating the paperboard, and apply glue more accurately,
5. An infrared safety protection system to ensure the safety of personnel operation,
6. Automatic fault diagnosis function,
7. Automatic and quick mold adjustment function,
8. Frame cage design, overall processing, grouping combination,
9. The whole machine covers a small area and has good stability.
10. Option-Automatic stacking box function.

This machine is mainly used for the production and processing of various outer secondary packaging cartons and is suitable for the processing of food packaging boxes, fruit tray, vegetable packaging boxes and other product tray boxes that need to be forming.

Packing tray or box specifications :

Cardboard sizetray or box size
length max(A)650mmLength max(A)600mm
length min(A)450mmLength min(A)330mm
width max(B)1000mmwidth max(B)450mm
width min(B)530mmwidth min(B)260mm
height max(C)130mm
height min(C)100mm

Box former machine workflow:

Box molding using shape reference:

High-speed cardboard tray box folding machine video refer:

Above is detailed information of fruit and vegetable high-speed hot melt adhesive tray or box forming machine. Because many companies’ boxes are uniquely designed, our company’s engineers can also customize and make according to the customer’s box size and speed requirements. Please contact our Sales Department if the particular type you need doesn’t appear on this website.

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