high speed rotary ring stretch wrapper for Kraft paper roll packing

High-speed rotary ring stretch wrapper for Kraft paper roll
Industry: paper industry
packing solution provides: High-speed ring-type stretch wrapper
Delivery date: may.2020

Paper application in many products in our life, such as kraft paper is one of the most widely used raw materials for production. As a result, their many companies producing such products.and the producing type also is roll type, and then ship to the customer. Product protection is concerned with the interests of the enterprises and users. Currently, Hennopack was invited to design an auto packing line for one manufacturer who professional in the production of the paper roll.

Our technical team discuss with the customer’s packing situation and know before they adopt the semi-auto reel wrapper machine to packing, but due to the order raised, they need to purchase more than 5 pcs machine, also need to equip the power-drive forklift to assist, those machines will occupy a large area. This situation does not allow appearance, after all, the cost of space application accounts for a large proportion of the cost of the product. In the meantime, semi-automatic equipment also needs manual assistance to operation, follow this will cause an operator health problem.
high speed ring stretch wrapper

Through our research and experience, we combined with the international wrapping machine technology, design one fully auto type with a high-speed wrapping machine, It adopts a horizontal ring to rotary around the pallet, and then the film will wrap on the roll four sides. This ring speed could reach 60-80 RPM, for example, could packing 80 pallets/hour for what pallet is  1200mm length,1200width, 1500mm height load pallet. Hennock engineer thinks high-speed running equipment must combine with high-quality Internation components to reach well so that for this project, all motor we adopt Germany SEW brands, Air component adopt SMC and Festo brand, Control adopt Simens PLC edit program, etc. All the structures and components ensure the machine stable and reliable.

Paper roll transfer system we adopt the heavy-type roller conveyor,the roller could weight 3000kg/ meters, meet customer all type paper roll. In addition, the paper roll fore and aft ends also need to use film wrap, so we add the hydraulic jacking mechanism under the roller, and it could lift the paper roll 300mm height, the film carriage packing roll bottom smoothly without any block.

Anyway, the first time, ring stretch wrapper’s initial cost is quite different from that of semi-automatic equipment. But it causes the benefits are straightforward:
A. Multiple production lines can share a fully automatic packaging machine, the workshop is more standardized, more space area;
B.Compared with semi-automatic equipment, this production line can be said to be unmanned, low labor cost;
C.For the investment of the automation line, there is no additional operation in the process, and the customer will believe that its products can wait for better protection.

High-speed rotary ring type stretch wrapper machine application Video

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