Horizontal wrapping machine solution for IKEA door panel film packing

IKEA door panel Horizontal wrapping machine solution
Industry: door panel Manufacturer
Packaging solutions provided: customized 1000mm diameter horizontal wrapping machine
Date of installation: June 2020

IKEA is a world-renowned furniture and household goods retailer from Sweden. There are many branches all over the world, and China is no exception. At present, a company specializing in the production of door panels for IKEA has invited us to provide a packaging solution that hopes it could save labor, has uniform packaging, is efficient, and can protect the product from scratches.

The door panels have a wide variety of specifications, long dimensions, and a relatively large area, which seriously affects the utilization rate of the workshop space. In addition, these door panels all adopt single-packaged manually, low efficiency, a large number of operators are required to complete the same packaging volume, and the labor cost is high; the more important point is that the door panels will be scratched during the packaging process, which affects product sales.

When our customer visited the Hörmann door factory in Germany (China), they found that the automatic film packaging line system for automatic door panels was tailor-made by Henno Packaging Technology, and then sought us to design innovative and environmentally friendly packaging methods for them.

Horizontal type wrapping system
      After a full review of the products and packaging needs, Hennopack recommended a fully-Automatic MH201 horizontal type Wrapping Machine. It’s perfect for wrapping long products (min. 500mm) and width (max 800mm) through its 1000mm diameter ring.
    This equipment can rotate 50RPM per minute, adopts a film with a width of 150mm, and uses frequency conversion control. The program is programmed by Plc. It can automatically pass photoelectric induction products. The conveyor line automatically clamps the door. Then the film mechanism automatically loads the film and completes Automatically break the film after packaging, easily solve the labor intensity problem.

The investment of this new type of horizontal type wrapper packaging system has solved the following problems in the door industry:
horziontal type wrapper
1. The number of employees is less, and the labor cost is saved, which can meet the cost of input equipment in less than a year;
2. The efficiency is higher, the equipment can be operated 24 hours a day, the personnel only need to put the door panel on the conveyor line, and work easily;
3. Stronger protection, The conveyor line made of Pu belts has a soft contact surface with the door panel, which will not damage the surface of the door panel and has fewer defective products;
4. One piece of equipment is compatible with multiple sizes and can be mixed production, without manual adjustment of the structure, you can change the packaging of another size door at any time;
5. The stretched film used is a recyclable and degradable material, which can better protect the environment.
6. The entire system only needs two operators, one for placing the door panels on the conveyor line and the other for palletizing the finished ones, making the workshop cleaner and tidy.
7. This system can be suitable for all door panel industry applications and can be used as a demonstration packaging production line display for enterprises to make customers more assured.

Feel free to contact Henno Packaging Technology for more information on how to create sustainable secondary packaging solutions for your business.

Hennopack install the horizontal wrapper  for door packing Video


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