How importance of safety Film door in wrapping Machine

A security-based automatic pallet wrap machine to give the user the confidence to buy the use.

In the automatic stretch wrap machine, the film frame is moving parts, in international regulations must be marked with bright colors, alert operators, so as not to be hurt; thus the safety of the film frame design, but also to give customers a safe operation to protect , The following talk about the United States and Chisi automatic film machine security film from that several aspects to protect the safety of operators and equipment:

semi-auto pallet wrap with safety door

semi-auto pallet wrap with safety door

1: the bottom of the membrane frame configuration security baffle, the security baffle can give users three aspects of the security effect:

A: During the operation of the equipment, the operator will not pay attention to the safety when the film rack is descending. If the safety baffle is touched to the foot, the automatic film winding machine will stop automatically. Operation, protection personnel foot injury;

B: When there is some trivial objects such as gravel or wood in the operation place of the equipment, the baffle plate will touch the obstacle during the process of the film rack descending. The automatic film wrapping machine will automatically stop the operation and protect the film rack, damage;

C: When using our automatic pallet wrapping machine, the customer wants to wrap most of the area of the tray. At this time, it is necessary to adjust the position of the low-end limit switch. Because the limit adjustment range is difficult to control, Membrane frame, can be in the limit position adjustment, the effective protection of film rack;

2: Membrane frame configuration security door, the security door to give customers the following two aspects:

A: Membrane frame safety door opens, equipment immediately stop, protect the safety of operator replacement Stretch film;

B: the configuration of the security door membrane rack, easy and simple to install film, do not need to carry out complex membrane action;

The above is the United States and Chisi smart film automatic film machine security film frame of the effectiveness of friends, and security film frame effect increases, such as leading to increased costs, so customers in the procurement of automatic film machine when the need for detailed comparison of performance, Can not alone price comparison, after all, the appropriate security of the automatic film machine to bring customers the greatest value-added benefits;

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