How is the price of the automatic airplane type carton box tray former machine

What guess what we say when we buy somethings for the first time. What we can be sure of is, “How much is this?” Just like customer weill be say the first sentence at his first time purchase:” how much is the model tray erector machine ?”

Such a problem makes us very difficult to answer.

Because we don’t know any information about the product itself.As product shape,tray size(height,width,height),tray folding speed,tray material and so on. Only after we have a detailed understanding of all the information about your product, discuss with the engineer to determine a preliminary cost.

Why only preliminary cost? Due to this is a budget based on our company’s basic configuration standards.

Generally , the budget will be have a great change based on the different environment in which the equipment is used, the control system to specify the PLC brand, pneumatic component brand, geared motor brand, and even payment terms.

Therefore, in the process of purchasing any equipment(not only tray erecting machine), we cannot anxiously obtain the quotation, but need to prepare these basic information.

As a design manufacturer with more than ten years of experience in carton solutions, Hennopack will be according to customer requirements, under the premise of ensuring quality, give customers the best match.—– Hennopack carefully, customers assured.

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