The semi-automatic pallet stretch wrapper machine is one of the models which solve the most application of the pallet load film wrapping packaging. However, many factories do not understand the knowledge of the equipment when buying this equipment, which often leads to the non-conformity of the purchased equipment models,non-conformity, or lack of related auxiliary functions; Here, Henno packaging engineers are divided into five types according to the most widely used semi-automatic pallet wrap machines:

The first type-standard semi-auto pallet turntable wrap machine:
Generally, the composition of this pallet wrap is composed of a column and a rotating basin. The turntable parts include a 10mm thick carbon steel disc, a nylon rubber drive wheel at the bottom, a sprocket, a bottom support plate, etc. Suitable for all shapes of pallets and various forklifts use.Since the turntable has a certain height of -82mm, if the factory uses which similar manual forklift, in order to easy operation, it needs to be equipped with a sloping plate(ramp), or digging a pit to level the countertop and the ground–refer below picture. The turntable diameter is generally 1500mm, 1650mm, 1800mm, 2000mm, suitable for European standard pallet, Asian pallet, American standard pallet, could weight load 2000kg max;
At present, most of the system control is controlled by independent PLC+ inverter. In order to meet the requirements of more economical customers, some manufacturers also use PCB board design control, but this aspect will be higher in terms of after-sales cost–PCB board is damaged, you need to replace it with the whole piece. The operation panel is generally through a button + text editor, or a higher cost touch screen, the customer could choose according to personal preferences. Also in the choice of the film frame, there is mechanical resistance stretching–150% or pre-stretching options, the pre-stretch ratio can be selected 250%, 300%, according to the quality of the packaging materials used locally. This standard pallet wrapper meets the basic stretch film wrapping packaging requirements of most companies.
The second-M type semi-auto turntable stretch wrapper machine:
This wrap equipment is because the customer’s site is small, it is not suitable for equipping a ramp or It is not suitable for digging pits when using on high floors. It is called the M-type wrapping machine because its rotating turntable has an M shape. This machine is an easy operation for manual forklifts, also known as fork-type stretch film wrap machines. However, due to the loading turntable structure problem, it is not recommended to use more than 800kg of goods on this equipment. After all, the cost of wearing parts should be taken into account before purchasing equipment, and the investment needs to generate sufficient returns. This is a pallet wrap machine for manual forklift handling and lightweight pallets.
The third-semi-auto pallet wrapper with top plate:
This type of stretch wrapper mainly uses for light type load pallets. Due to the rotating turntable generates centrifugal force during the rotation process, the individual products are easy to deviate from the position due to their own lightweight, and are separated from the pallet, such as tinplate cans, PET bottles, paper, daily chemicals and so on. In order to protect the product, a mechanism for pressing down is added to the top of the pallet wrap. This mechanism is called the top platen. The driving method is generally cylinder drive or motor drive. The cylinder-drive method is less than by electricity in terms of cost, but the downstroke is limited, it isn’t suitable for pallet which height span big, but the electric drives are not subject to this limitation. Therefore, when purchasing the pallet stretch wrapper with top pressure plate, it is necessary to collect the sizes of all the pallets in the factory in advance and select the correct top structure according to the size parameters, so that a reasonable budget cost can be achieved.
The fourth–Separate structural semi-auto pallet turntable stretch wrapper:
This type of pallet wrap is mainly the column and the turntable of the machine are installed separately from each other and are not connected together by a hinge-like a standard semi-automatic stretch wrapper machine.This equipment is mainly used for very heavy pallets (more than two tons) or for longer lengths, such as wood, flooring, profiles, doors, can following the reasons:
1. Ultra-heavy cargo, the bottom needs to adopt the slewing support structure design, the load can reach 5 tons. If adopt standard semi-auto pallet wrap’s structure, the nylon structure is designed to be fast, the life is short, and the final after-sales cost will be higher than the price of the equipment itself, and also it is not conducive to the packaging, transportation, and operation of the equipment. After all, such a product must be a factory with strict protection requirements, and personnel needs to be away from the equipment.
2. For long-length goods, the columns linked together will hinder the rotary packaging of the product. If the diameter of the turntable is increased, the manufacturing cost and transportation cost of the equipment will double, and such equipment does not meet the concept of creating benefits. Separate construction is less costly and more flexible to install and operate.
The fifth-semi-auto turntable pallet wrap with weighing function:
This type of turntable wrapping equipment is mainly used in industries that need to record the weight of each pallet, such as the warehousing and logistics industry. Heavy precision can reach 50g. The weight record allows the company to more easily understand and count the production capacity of its own products; usually, it also adds an instant printing system that can auto print label each one to replace manual filling to reduce labor intensity.
Buying pallet turntable stretch wrapper is actually quite simple, but we need to buy reasonable equipment with a reasonable budget, remember these five types of semi-auto pallet stretch film wrap. Learn more about stretch wrap at

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