How to choose correct case packer type for you automatic packing line

Case packer machine is widely used for products such as small box, pouch bag, zipper bag, bottle, etc auto load into the carton. It is mainly combined with a case erector, bag inserter, bag closer, case sealer as a fully automatic packing system. Also, the case packer is one of the important processing for the high-speed product production line, could improve labor healthy and ensure the production speed and save many spaces. currently, we choose the case packer type could not decide only by what you want, but also what you need and long stable for you keep up with the fast-evolving realities of the industry. So how to choose the correct case packer for your business automatic packing line, let us follow below to discuss.
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Know what you have

Are you ready to change your packing type? If yes, for you want to make the automatic packing solution, you will have to know what is your production speed, budget, and the amount of different SKUs you plan to handle. The detail you offer more you know, we choose the case packer will more precise and suitable. Knowing your need, such as the production speed, this your front equipment max speed, will decide your rear equipment, even if now you production speed not is the max, but when you order rising, the equipment will contribute its value, and then we should think the equipment maintenance question. In addition, does your facility produces 24 hours a time every day? If so, you could not only focus on the budget, you will need a reliable solution to ensure 24/7 equipment running and fast solving if something goes wrong.

what is your industry?

This question may make you feel bored, but it is really the main. Through Hennopack more than 10 years in many kinds of product case packer. This could let us effectively determine where your industry was before, was it growing, or was it diversifying its product packaging? According to this situation, we will recommend one flexible option that will allow you to pack multiple-size products or suitable for your production speed which increases in the future.

what are you want to achieve?

All kinds of case packers will be customized design by your specific requirement. These will have many different options based on your budget.

Do you need to deal with a wide range of SKUs?Numerous products usually link to numerous sizes and packaging types. Take for example the milk powder industry. The weight of their product packaging will be different for different ages. Likewise different countries’ populations, the consumption concept is also different. With the correct case packer, changeovers could be an excellent starting point to increase productivity. With equipment that allows you to store packing patterns(recipes) within its setting, you will be complete faster and less operation when you exchange any product type. Also, this multiple function case packer could make you less space and occupancy cost of equipment. You just pay fewer minutes to readjust the setting of your case packing machine without affect packing the product.

You might also want to consider a case packer with carton cardboard liner, product instruction manual auto add into the box, to reduce your need for manual labor. or even want to add the scanning to check product label information whether this product is correct so that this function could offer you efficiency, also could create quality jobs for machine operators.
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Investing in equipment that protects your product will have a positive impact on your ROI.when the machine could not protect your product kindly or feedback on the processing fault, it does not have profitable for your industry. Case packer equipped with negative pressure detection system can now identify pick fault and make the machine stop work, then you could find this defaults product and then reject this. At the same time, also combine with weight and the rejecting system can prevent unqualified stock to pick and place into the box, and limits your customer returns to you.

Of course, Does your packaging match this batch, and is the product expiration date correct. Hennopack also has the more flexible spider robot case packer system with a Vision Inspection System. This system can be customized and expanded to meet your industry’s special requirements. We must pay attention to these detailed considerations, although you add more investment in equipment, but this involves your profit and returns situation, and likewise your company’s reputation. Especially in the food industry, these health and safety factors are especially strict. This rule not only applies to food safety, but to the industry in general. The potential associated crisis or loss is the factor we should pay attention to.
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Are you know your client?

Does your industry have a tendency in production environment or space terms?  Such as you are manufacturing pharmaceutical preparations, you might want to consider a case packer that allows you can use on the second floor or high floor, or three in one function case packer could meet case erecting, case packing, case sealing in a machine, this can save many spaces. Also, due to the covid-19 effect, you want less labor to touch the product to protect your company, you hope a case packer solution can meet product pick and place inbox and then palletizing on the pallet. These requirements not only you need flexibility, but also efficiency with product packaging.

Are you know your supplier?

The Human-machine interface(HMI) is pretty much the center of it all. It is the link with the case packing machine which allows your team operates the case packer. One user-friendly interface will include all your product packaging recipe, you just only to choose mark number when your changeover your product. This doesn’t need your engineer to involve with the equipment after the machine installation and running smoothly.

But please keep in mind, no matter you choose the packing solution, it will require maintenance. In order to ensure your case packer lives a long and happy life, You need to plan to have a qualified engineer to perform regular maintenance checks. Of course, you also need to consider your supplier whether having enough experience or a similar project like you, because their experience can save you money and time. For example, do they use remote connectivity to troubleshoot the potential problem, or their control could easily communicate with your front and rear machine? You not only want your case packer supplier to be up to speed but also hope this case packer less maintenance and more safety for the labor.


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