how to deal while case sealer cann’t work

Automatic Flaps Folding Case Sealer can’t to work,this is a lot of users in the use of the sealing machine will encounter such a small problem; but automatic folding sealing machine is the important production of packaging process, the company can not be less sealing equipment, this time in the event of failure, we should How to do? Following HengNuoPack to solve this problem for everyone:

1.Width or height adjustment is too small. Automatic folding case sealing machine in the delivery of cartons are manually adjust the corresponding width and height, but in the process of adjustment due to the operator for the machine to master not accurate, it will cause the box stuck condition. The best way to solve this problem is to place the cartons on the work surface of the automatic cartoner and then adjust them.

2.The carton is too light to pass the movement. Automatic folding case sealer machine sealing tape principle is to rely on transmission belt and carton friction transmission and self-adhesive tape, in order to achieve the tape sealed to the carton. However, in this process, if the carton is too light, the frictional force of the belt may not be enough to fix the carton,so the carton cann’t move.

3.The tape is not cut off. Automatic folding carton box sealing machine in use for some time, the cutter will be glued a lot of tape debris and dust, which will cause the cutter is not sharp and thus can’t cut the tape,this situation will lead to carton card in the sealing machine can not continue to transport, the solution to this problem naturally is to clean the cutter or replace the cutter. Automatic sealing machine replacement cutter blade method!

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