How to install on line pallet pass type top foil wrapper machine

The top foil wrapper machine is a device that automatically covers a plastic film on the top of the loaded pallet. It is also called top film cover machine or top sheet dispenser. This film cover equipment is currently divided into two structures, one is a stretch type(cycle type) top foil cover and the other is pass type top sheet dispenser. The difference between the two is:
1. The stretch type top film wrapper is first to expand the film at the top to form a fixed-length film and then down it to the top of the tray to cover it directly. Usually, it will be integrated with the inline turntable pallet wrapper machine or rotary arm pallet stretch wrapper to save space, or use for empty pallet top foil cover to waterproof and moistureproof;
2. The pass-type top film covering machine will down the film carriage after detects the pallet in place, and then start feeding the film to the pallet top. The film keeps feeds the film while the pallet transport and the system will stop the pallet after the specified length then cutting film; usually, this equipment is used for high-speed packaging lines, or some old Production line requires reconfiguration of top laminators.
Based on the increasing number of international customers using top sheet dispenser packaging machines from Henno Packaging, in order to make customers more familiar with our equipment and save customer installation costs, here our engineers share the installation process of pass-type top foil covering machines:
1. Before the top cover machine is packaged and shipped, each part is coded and marked, and adjacent parts are coded in a unified and unique manner, then break the device down into multiple parts. Therefore, after you receive the goods, first organize each set of coded products and arrange them neatly, and then assemble according to the installation diagram. Keep in mind that coding labels are written on paper and protected with care.
2. Right now we show how to install the top wrapper body: first, ensure that the ground where the equipment is installed is level and free of unevenness; second, Clean up the environment of the installation location, remove the items that hinder installation, and then move the equipment parts to the designated installation location;third, install the corresponding structure in order according to the following flow diagram:
A.install the base tripod in advance, remember to lock with nuts;
B. Lift the single-sided column lifting mechanism with a forklift or a crane, move it to the base and then lock it with screws;
C.repeat step B to install the other lifting column in place-during the B-C step installation, pay attention to the verticality and horizontality of the column;
D. The elevator is used to lift the membrane frame mechanism to assist in installation. During the installation, pay attention to the use of screws to lock the left and right sides. After the left and right sides are locked, you need to manually slide up and down to check whether the installation is smooth. If the auxiliary film automatic elevator is purchased, the mechanism is installed after the rear film frame is installed.
E. This step is mainly for the connection of the cable. As long as the connection is made according to the circuit diagram and the corresponding label of the cable connector, there is no error; however, for the installation of the optoelectronic position, you need to pay great attention. This involves the testing and use of subsequent equipment. There are marked positions for those, pay attention to multiple inspections after installations.

The above five steps are the process of installing a pass-type top sheet dispenser. The next thing we need to mention is how to debug this equipment because each customer has different requirements for the PLC control system. This time we will use “Siemens PLC Control” As an introduction:
A. Before commissioning, check whether the supply flow of the gas source is sufficient; for each electrical component, whether it is normal after power on, if damaged, replace it as soon as possible;
B. The second step is to open the operating system, click the system to enter the screen, and select the manual operation mode. In the case of manual mode, each action button is marked function information. Click each button to check whether the corresponding mechanism operates correctly and whether the running direction is consistent. After all, the device needs to be able to enter automatic operation under manual operation normal conditions;
C. Place the foil into the membrane frame, install the film through the schematic diagram-(refer below picture), after installing the film, and then enter the touch screen control program, enter the screen, select auto program test;
D. After entering the automatic system, select Start and the equipment can start the production line online work; if the equipment does not work in the automatic mode, you can refer to the following equipment workflow analysis to resolve:

I0.2 I0.6 I 0.7 install in the conveyor

I 0.3 installs on the top cover machine


  1. Pallet transport and then the 2 sensing the pallet, I 0.2 send the signal to the top cover, and top cover’s film carriage will go down.
  2. And then when the 3 sensing the pallet, I0.3 will send the signal to the top cover, the top cover will stop the film carriage to go down.
  3. And then when the 6 sensing the pallet, film carriage start to feed the foil,(and your system must need to send the signal( I1.6 to allow or not allow film carriage feed the foil together);
  4. And then pallet keep transport until the 7 sensing the pallet, I0.7 send the signal to top cover to stop feed film and your system to stop conveyor(Q2.5) together, and then the top cover cutter film, after cutter film, the top cover will send the signal to your systemQ2.5 to strat pallet transport.
  5. The top cover will rise to the origin.
  6. Note: film carriage will feed certain length film in advance (length will contact film feed time when the film feed time is 0, so the length will be 0))
    Import: when the top cover is feeding foil, the system’s signal(I1.6) not allow closed, the top cover will stop feed foil until the signal(I1.6 open)

The above content is the entire process description of independently installing the Henno packaging pass-type top film covering machine. If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to leave a message. At the same time, you can also refer to the operation manual of the top foil wrapper machine in the download center.
Note: Different customers have different control systems. You can contact the technical staff to obtain the corresponding data for installation.

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