How to purchase a suitable stretch wrapping machine according to the pallet size

The suitable pallet wrapper, can improve the overall rational use of space, saving equipment procurement costs,also ensure the packaging process of the safety of personnel;

At present in the international standard (ISO), there are six kinds of pallet standard that is 1200 × 800,1200 × 1000,1219 × 1016,1140 × 1140,1100 × 1100 and 1067 × 1067 (units are mm).

And these six specifications to use the pallet wrapping machine size is not the same,  if we don’t understand the user tray parameters when we selling stretch pallet wrapper , it will cause the   stretch wrap machine can not meet the requirements, delay the equipment use, will add Users purchase equipment costs, and cause the use risk.

Customers need to know that a few points tray parameters? can refer to the following points Summary:

Currently there are 10 kinds of commonly used international tray, which must first determine the types of customers are using several types of trays, the length of each tray size, as shown:

Calculate the diagonal of the tray, the diagonal parameters determine the size of the turntable;

If the choice of turntable is too large, resulting in increased customer costs; turntable is too small, there is the risk of harm to personnel, please reference the mqspac pallet wrapper professional  analysis:

Above is the hengnuopack stretch pallet wrapper in the purchase should be considered before the pallet size factor reasons;

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Click here to view the hengnuopack stretch wrapper video:

Note: pallet size in the world are divided into three categories:

1.North American Pallet Standard:

Wooden pallets used in the USA are “4840” standard, that is, the length of 48 inches (about 122cm), the width of 40 inches (about 102cm), the height is not necessarily;The largest pallets supplier in the USA, Chapel, for example, have a standard height of 5.56 inches (about 14 cm). pallet size of 1220 * 1160 mm commonly used in North America.

2.European pallet standard:

pallets commonly used in Europe are 800×1200 and 1000×1200 mm.European tray standards to the European Pallet Association and the European standard tray (European standard tray) shall prevail

3.Asian tray standard:

Trays commonly used in Asia are 1100×1100 mm. In Asia, pallet manufacturers produce according to the customer’s predetermined size, without any standard restrictions.

Trays commonly used in Japan have a size of 1100×1100 mm. 

Chinese pallet standard has been amended several times, a variety of standard;at present the latest national standards  identified 1200mm x1000mm and 1100mm x 1100mm  two specifications as a standard.

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