How to purchase a suitable stretch pallet wrapper according to the pallet weight

Goods have  between light and heavy,equipment parts also have a range of carrying capacity;

When we buy stretch wrapper machine, how to choose a best equipment based on the pallet weight? Or in other words, how to ensure that their purchase of the pallet wrapping machine can bring the maximum benefits then it? You can refer to the hengnuopack company summed up the following points:

1.First of all, to confirm the maximum weight of their goods,this is a measure of choose what kind of  turntable structure design of the stretch wrap machine standards;

2.Understand the parts and components used by the prospective suppliers, experience in the design of the engineers, and the experience of the workshop assembly engineers.

Because some manufacturers in order to get orders, deliberately to provide customers with low offer, and customers think it is picked up treasure, and immediately orders to each other, without consider to give other high-priced suppliers  one opportunities;

In fact, this awareness is wrong, because a business is the need to pay wages and benefits, commission, plant costs, tax and other potential costs;

unreasonable low prices, will lead manufacturers to take risks to purchase low-quality spare parts , To invite non-professional staff to assemble equipment and reduce structural design functions to increase corporate profits,and the end-user access to the equipment life will short, the number of repairs, after-sales cost is high, more harm than good;

Hengnuopack company focus on stretch wrapper has more than 10 years of design and manufacturing experience,

That the equipment and consumables are not the same, is always operating, the need for the user to create benefits;

And wrapping equipment bring the comprehensive benefits is the most important factor in measuring equipment,

Comprehensive benefits include: equipment appearance design, replacement frequency of wearing parts, equipment failure rate, the durability of spare parts, engineering staff expertise, these factors determine the final return to customers than the level  of high and low;

above are the reasons why the wrapping machine should consider the pallet weight before purchase;

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