Case Erector-How To Seal The Bottom Of The Carton?

Many friends are in the process of searching for case erecting machine and found that the sealing mechanism of the carton erector is also opening machine is also called the carton forming machine. The bottom of the box is folded according to certain procedures, and the bottom is sealed and then transported to the carton packer.Automatic carton forming machine is an assembly line device,suitable for automatic unpacking of large number cartons, automatic folding of lower covers, and automatic sealing of bottom tapes.All the carton machines are controlled by PLC+ display screen, which is convenient for operation. It is an essential equipment for automatic scale production.

According to industry experience, the sealing methods at the bottom of the erecting machine generally have the following types:

1.carton erector with adhesive tape sealing machine–

The tape is used to seal the bottom of the carton. The width of the tape is generally 48mm, 60mm, 75mm, and the length is generally 1000 feet.Self-contained tape inspection photoelectric device, can detect the tape use condition. – reference the effect picture erector with tape bottom sealing image


Hot melt Carton  erector–

Adopt hot melt adhesive for sealing the bottom of the carton,Generally need to be used with hot-melt adhesives, at the same time, the speed and efficiency are lower than those of tape sealing machines.The case machine will require the device to increase the pushing mechanism so that the glue at the bottom of the carton is more compact. Below is box hot melt adhesive erector pictures

case-erector-with-nail-bottom-stapling machine

3.Automatic nail Stapling carton erector machine–

The case erecting machine is less used in the market , not many companies can make.Currently used more in the food industry.The bottom seal of the carton is only nails, and the number of nails can be made according to customer requirements.Different from other carton unpacking machine in that it requires the addition of a nailing machine on the basis of the original unpacking equipment’s structure.All sealed boxes can withstand 50 kg without being erector with hot melt bottom sealing

At present, HNpack Packaging has developed this carton equipment and is currently used at the production site.The effect is far beyond your imagination.The box packaging effect can be referred to the following pictures.

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