How to use a hennopack horizontal type case erector

Throughout 2020, the way we lived and work changed. One year into a global pandemic, Our all daily product manufacturers have been affecting. Many automatic packing equipment which purchases by other countries not have the engineering support from foreign. In this respect, Hennopack has been inspired by export equipment for many years, Designed a simple and easy-to-use horizontal case erector machine that can be operated without too many professional skills. Learn about case former workflow features to help strengthen and engage your operation below.
A case erector is a machine that forming the cardboard as one box and then seal the box bottom. Usually, it will two type design, one costs effective-vertical case erector; one is stable and could achieve high speed erecting box–horizontal stack cardboard case erector. It is used to integrate with a case packer, case sealer, or palletizer as a fully automatic carton packing line. Also, it could single application in the warehouse, E-commerce, etc industry.


What are the benefits of using a horizontal type case erector? and why we recommend this type of case forming machine in this COVID-19 period.
>Improves the overall manual process of erecting cartons.
>Reduces employee work frequently, resulting in a decline in the quality of their health.
>6-30 carton unpacking per min,and could adjust by your production line speed.
>Consistent sealing effect, controllable adhesive tape, or hot melt of consumables.
>Reduce the area occupied by the carton site.
>Accommodates several cartons sizes application.
>Large productivity increase with less labor involvement.
>important factor: Overall cost-effective. Because of this type of case erector, we adopt Cam driving gear structure design, not like the traditional model with cylinder participate, mechanical movement with less fault based on your place the cardboard position correct. In this sensitive period, less labor intervention in product production will be safer when the products reach customers.

6 easy steps let you operation horizontal case erector conveniently.
step1:find the correct size cardboard and then form it as a carton box.
step2:place this carton box to the horizontal type case erector output position, please refer to the below picture.
step3:according to the carton box size to adjust the top side and right side handles to make the limit block suitable for the box place.
step4:adjust the adhesive tape heart height to make the tape seal on the carton center.
step5: open the carton left side protect the door, and then adjust the top-304ss protect plate to near the carton flap edge.
step 6:manual operator the carton box could smooth sliding back and forth at the exit.
step 7:Adjust the stacker width, manual testing the cardboard could up and down smoothly.
step 8:place one cardboard onto the stacker, and then open case erector power, contact the air, next enter the touch screen, choose the manual model. And then find out the inch movement button, and press this button,also need to keep pressing this button cyclically. you could see the cardboard step by step into a cartoon. When arriving at the sucker pick the flap, please check the sucker position whether level same with the top block or height than it 1-3mm. if not, please adjust it according to this rule.
step 9:when the carton needs to fold the front and rear flap, based on the actual situation, adjust the folding rod front and back distance.
step 10: To check this sample carton forming effect whether good, and then adjust the corresponding structure to make the molding perfect, and you can continue to use 1-2 cartons for continuous testing. After the test results reach the desired effect, they can be transferred to automatic mode for in-line automatic production.

Our horizontal type case erector adopts Germany Simens PLC and HIM, and this with Ethernet communication function, even if the machine has a fault on the program or don’t know how to link with rear-end case packer, we could remote control support with you to finish this operation.
       For this case erector operational Commissioning workflow, please refer to the below video. Moreover, Hennopack offers solutions for the automation industry. Our portfolio not only a single equipment packing solution, but also perfect coordination with each other packing system, such as three in one case packer solution, multiple palletizer system, etc.We are waiting to support you at any time.


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