Integrated auto strapping &wrapping system for can manufacturer

Integrated auto strapping &wrapping system for tinplate can manufacturer
Client:China TY Can manufacturer
Industry: Empty Can industry
Provide solution: Integrated auto strapping&stretch wrapping machine
Installation Date:October 2019

Customer Requirement
Our customer is a Hong Kong sole proprietorship enterprise and produces empty tinplate cans, which are then forwarded to filler to have all kinds of gas atomization packaging. Their pallets are traditionally large 1200 x 1400 x 1300mm and 1100*1300*1400mm with layers of empty cans, mainly sell for the international market.Even when strapped and film wrapped, their customers can experience some damage or empty cans falling off because currently they all packing by manual, sometimes the packing effect not good. Those situations cause they need to take more time to deal with maintenance and compensation.integrated pallet strapping &stretch wrapping machine

Hennopack Packaging Solution
Based on the customer’s produce speed-15 pallets max, Hennopack engineered a solution where the pallet strapping and stretch wrapping integrated that would be equalized around the pallet to give consistent tension.

The strapping machiner we choose vertical type strapper, and its heart could move forward 400mm so that could suitable for different pallet size application. The straps are transported by motor and meet at the heart, where they are bonded by friction welding. The strapping tension can be adjusted from 15-70kg, and suitable welding tension can be adjusted according to different product types.
integrated pallet strapping &stretch wrapping solution

The customer’s production manager always pays more attention to the return ratio of equipment input and the expenditure of after-sales maintenance cost. After all, margins in the empty can industry are too low and costs need to be controlled from all sides. We recommend the inline heavy type turntable stretch wrapper, Although its cost will be more than 20% higher than the cost of a light-loaded structure. But It uses heavy sew bearing as the load-bearing transmission structure, the load can reach 2000kg, and the maximum weight of a load empty tank tray does not exceed 300kg, the design of the equipment is enough to meet the customer more than 5 years without the cost of wearing parts. Just follow the instructions in the operation manual to add lubrication for maintenance.

We learned from our field inspections that the factory needs to add additional production lines in the later stage, so this packaging system is designed to be as compact as possible. We design this packing solution as an integrated system that will let the strapping and wrapping working together. The workflow will be as follow: Manually use a hand-drawn forklift to transfer the goods to the conveyor through the ramp, and then start the auxiliary button next to the conveyor line; the loaded pallet automatically flows to the on-line wrapping machine and the strapping machine. After the pallet arrives through photoelectric detection, the first strips are tied; then when the pallet is completely entered into the stretch wrapper’ turntable, the tray automatically rotates 90°, and then the second strap is bundled, and the stretch film will follow the turntable rotation to wrap; follow this process to gradually rotate 3 times 90°, four straps would be bundled as a “well-shaped”; after the strapping is completed, the wrapping machine will continue to wrap the pallet around; after the wrapping is finished, it will automatically cut and output, and will be removed by a manual forklift.
integrated pallet strapping &stretch wrapper solution

In the design process of this packing system, one thing we have to consider is the height of the pallet and the height that the manual forklift can lift. These two factors limit the angle of the ramp and the height of the conveyor line. Due to the loaded-pallets that are not bundled and film wrapped, empty cans can easily fall off during ramp movement and damage the product.

The advantage of this integrated pallet strapping & stretch wrapping packaging system to customers is the consistency of strapping and wrapping, and design parameters according to different requirements. Can save more than 3 people, controlled packaging costs, increased pallet integrity & improved WH&S conditions.


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