Kawasaki Robot palletizer system for multimedia interactive tablet box palletising

With the improvement of the quality of life, people pay more and more attention to home appliances, and the purchasing power of consumers has been improving. A certain brand of multimedia smart tablet manufacturers in China is benefiting from this trend, and orders are constantly changing and increase.The manual method of palletizing has not kept up with the efficiency requirements.Hennopack designed an automatic palletizing system which combine with pallet stretch wrapper based on the product.
Product:Flat and high size carton packing, the stacking process is easy to collapse;
Packing speed requirment:7 boxes of per minute;

For the particularity of the product, stacking the product directly according to the conventional palletizing method will cause the high-rise products to collapse directly. The Hennopack engineer combines the specialty of the product carton and designs the side baffle mechanism to prevent the palletizing process,The carton is dumped on the left and right sides. At the same time, when transferring them to the stretch film wrapping machine for packing, this mechanism can protect the palletized products which has load the carton box. It ensures the product palletizing and the risk of collapse of the conveying process.
For the online pallet wrap machine, the rotary arm stretch wrapper machine was selected, and the pallet product was wrapped by the cantilever rotation. Also, we specially designed the film auto-apply mechanism–the telescopic type, so as to avoid obstructing the protection mechanism. Electrical engineering has also been optimized on the program, first to wrap the top carton box of the pallet and then from the top to the bottom to avoid the risk of collapse.
This palletizing system uses Kawasaki robots-CP180L, Hennopack’s self-designed-Upper and lower clips, side unloading structure; online MR402 arm pallet wrappers, and grounding conveyors.The whole line palletizer speed reaches 8 boxes per minute, and one person can be responsible for the whole assembly line work, saving the packaging personnel and reducing the labor intensity, and meeting the customer order requirements in time.

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