What Kind Of Carton Box Sealing Machine Is Qualified?

Products will be tested before leaving the factory, carton box sealer machine products are no exception, but this is only from the seller’s point of view, is to protect themselves; then for consumers, how they should ensure their own rights and interests What? Here’s a simple to say, how to determine their own carton box sealing machine is qualified?

1, you need to check whether the carton box sealing machine manufacturers have the industry standard or approval documents, these are the most basic conditions to ensure the normal operation of a production-oriented enterprises, it must be met;

2, check the carton box sealing machine electrical control system should be safe and reliable, accurate action, the electrical connections should be firmly connected and numbered, the operation button should be flexible, and emergency stop button, the indicator light should be normal;

3, case sealing machine pipe connections should be sealed, no leakage;

4, check the case sealing machine operation should be smooth, moving parts reaction sensitive, coordinated, accurate, no jamming and abnormal sound;

5, sealing quality:

*sealing tape of the box face should fit flat, no wrinkles, burrs and tilt;

*Tape head length range: 20mm-60mm;

*The length of the seal head error: <= 3mm;

*Tape cut should be smooth, lint-free, no adhesion;

*tape Sealing box center offset <= 2mm.

After the above tests, you can determine whether a carton box sealing machine is a qualified product, but you want to further determine the quality of the case sealing machine still need to do some other work.

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