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In the age of the Internet, technological development is changing rapidly. With the help of high technology, traditional mechanical equipment has greatly improved all aspects of performance and functions, and its overall strength and market combat power have also rapidly improved. The application of automation technology in packaging machinery eliminates the need for human operation in the entire packaging process, saving more labor for enterprises and improving work efficiency in an all-round way. Shenzhen Henno Packaging Technology is a manufacturer and integrator of packaging machinery. It integrates more advanced technologies into the online rotary arm pallet stretch wrapper machine and perfectly realizes multiple functions of one machine
Hennopack rotary stretch wrapper As the market’s awareness of transportation packaging protection has increased, the demand for pallet wrapping machines has increased, and the market has been further expanded. Various functional requirements have also required. Among them, customers generally have the following functional requirements for rotary stretch wrapper machines:
1.pallet top foil wrapper,for the function of the top film, there are generally some products that require long-distance transportation or strict requirements for product appearance protection, or for the powder industry that is prone to moisture, the entire load pallet needs to be packaged on five faces—Top covered with a piece of film and combined with four-sided film to form a five-sided sealed package. In the case of low-efficiency requirements, it is generally combined with the rotary arm wrapper to form a whole device to save space; but in the case of high-speed requirements, the top film can only be manufactured separately as an independent device, occupying a single station.
rotary arm pallet wrap with top foil cover2.Top press function. this function is generally for ultra-high products, or ultra-light loads, adding a downward pressure on the top to prevent the product from being displaced by the pulling force when it is wrapped during the wrapping process, causing skew during subsequent transshipment or transportation Risk of collapse; this structure is generally driven pneumatically or electrically, selected mainly according to budget.
3. Load-pallet jack/lift function, this function is mainly used in conjunction with the conveyor line; some products in the industry, during transportation or forklift transfer, because the product itself has a heavy load, the stacking inertia is also large, so the simple four bread film is not enough to fix the product. When factory considering the safety, it is necessary to completely wrap the pallet and the load; and this lift structure is responsible for lifting the entire pallet when wrapping, allowing the wrapping film to completely bundle the pallet and the load into one overall. The jacking structure adopts hydraulic drive, and the load can reach 2000kg.
4. Corner protector, this function is mainly to automatically add a protective paper corner on the four sides or top of the load, and use it in the subsequent station to protect the product combine with the vertical type pallet strapping machine or horizontal type strapping machine; because when using PET or PP strapping, the strap and product High pressure on the contact surface can easily cause deformation of the product, especially some electronic products, which will affect the function or appearance of the product and cause losses to corporate profits.
5. Ethernet communication, this function is mainly related to the control system, because there are some industries, or companies with strong strength, recognizing that manpower has a large proportion of hidden costs to the enterprise, they are determined to invest funds in the early stage for intelligent automated packaging, and their control is not conventional IO point exchange communication, but directly using Ethernet link, no matter what kind of equipment failure, only need to check in the monitoring room can be found and quickly resolved, such as pallet dispenser machine, robot palletizer, case packer machine, etc. The system is more intelligent, there will be fewer people, and space utilization will be higher.

6. The safety protection function, many companies concerned about the operation safety of personnel, the use of the equipment must take into account the operation safety; our rotary arm pallet wrapper machine is generally equipped with a safety guardrail, and the height reaches 2 meters high; at the same time, the door lock uses the well-known Japanese Omron electromagnetic Lock, stop when you open the door, and strictly protect the safety of the operation; in addition, we will be equipped with safety photoelectricity when entering or leaving the goods, or we can choose a safety light curtain to prevent the product or signal from misoperation and cause the equipment and product to collide with each other and cause a safety accident.
rotary arm wrapper satey door

The above are the auxiliary functions that Henno packaging technology online rotary arm stretch wrapper machine could choose. Each enterprise can choose according to its own workshop planning and product characteristics. For functional features not listed, you can contact technical engineers to discuss and discuss them at any time.

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