The hennopack low level palletizer is an automatic, floor-level palletizer for applications where high level case conveyors, incline conveyors and platforms are neither feasible nor desired. Its rugged, unitized frame is designed and built to the same exacting standards as the high level infeed series. The low-level palletizer transposes the materials in a predetermined way, groups them, stackes the products, then places the whole layer of materials on the pallet, and finally outputs the full pallets; the difference between the low-level palletizer and the high-level palletizer is that the low-level palletizer lifts and moves the whole layer of materials on the pallet, while the high-level palletizer lifts the whole pallet; the former’s palletizing speed is generally 20-30 materials per minute; the latter can reach 50 per minute(depending on sizes, stacking pattern and configuration); low palletizer widely use for those which packing by cases, trays, pails and bags.

low palletizer
level palletizer for case palletizer
low palletizer combine with stretch wrapper


1.Floor-level design provides ease of maintenance. All case and pallet handling operations can be viewed at floor level
2.Fast and simple installation. No excavation or special foundations required.
3.All components are easily accessible for lubrication, adjustment, and inspection. For easier cleaning and maintenance, 6″-18″ elevating piers are available as options.
4.Comprehensive safety features include emergency stop button(s), photocell interlocks, warning signs, guards, automatic locking brakes on layer elevator, and a quick dump air valve.

Unitizing capabilities
Slip sheet dispenser
Glue system
Full load discharge conveyor (powered 2-strand chain, powered roller or gravity roller)
Two- or four-way compression
Manual pallet handling – pallet on skid plate at load position
Removal of load with simple hand truck
Side infeed case conveyor
PLC upgrades

Application industry:Products packaged which in valve bags, woven bags, kraft paper bags, cartons, film bags, barrels and other materials


Machine ModelMPZ-03
Feeding speed10-30 box per min(can be customized)
Feeding height850-1000mm(can be customized)
Carton sizeL200-500*W150-450*H100-400MM(can be customized)
Pallet sizeL900-1200*W900-1200MM
Powder supply3ph,380v,8-11KW
Air supply0.4-0.6Mpa
Stack height<2000mm(can be customized)
Machine size:L7000*W4500*H3300MM
Machine weight3000kg

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Low-Level palletizer Process Description.
Carton input part.
Carton conveying device: forcefully steer or convey the cartons according to the set arrangement to achieve the role of sorting and sequencing. Carton sorting device: The supply conveyor belt pushes the first row of sorted cartons into the second and third-row in order to form the sorting layer after pushing them into the lifting device by the cylinder. Automatic palletizing device.
When the cartons form a group in a certain sorting, the elevator rises with the sorting layer and moves forward to the upper part of the palletizing device, and places it on the pallet (or the previous sorting layer) smoothly to form automatic palletizing. The palletizing device relies on a frequency conversion motor and chain to complete its lifting and forward and backward. Pallet section.
Pallet supply device: The pallet magazine can stack 8-15 empty pallets and supply pallets to the palletizing device at regular intervals as required by the program, powered by a separate motor.
Pallet output device: when a pallet reaches the number of palletizing layers a signal is sent to push the solid pallets out of the palletizing section. The solid pallets are sent to the designated position by means of the exclusion conveyor.