The main part of the semi automatic pallet wrapping machine

Automatic pallet wrapping machine is by rotating the tray to rotate the goods in order to achieve stretch film wrapping;Automatically senses the height of the goods, the film carriage automatically outputs the stretched film to realize the wrapping and wrapping equipment around the goods.

A stretch film wrapping machine consists of multiple parts, each part corresponding to the different functions, the following for hengnuo packe for their own company to produce automatic pallet film wrapping machine made to introduce:

1.Turntable, as the carrying goods and the use of rotation, the current HengNuo automatic wrapping machine turntable can be divided into three types:

First: the sprocket + nylon wheel bearing; Second: slewing gear bearing; Third: M-type forklift weighing; Three specifications can withstand the weight is not the same;

2.stretch film carriage, which is where the membrane is stored

*Film carriage is divided into two kinds, one is the power pre-stretched film carriage, one is the resistance stretch film carriage;

A:Power pre-stretched film carriage:stretch film is following a certain percentage to stretch , in order to save the film and to protect the product;

B:Resistance stretch film carriage is divided into mechanical resistance stretching, or electromagnetic resistance stretch film frame;

~Mechanical resistance stretching:the goods are automatically rotated to drive stretch film packaging;

~Magnetic resistance stretch, is adjusted by the potentiometer, can be based on different cargo resistance drag size adjustment;

*Wrapping machine’s Column:column is mainly used for film carriage lift and electrical layout, different cargo height, the use of the column is not the same;

*Electrical control: there are many control methodsfor wrapping machine, there are three common forms:

A:The first: PCB line direct control, are fixed, can not be changed, the single low cost, high failure rate;

B:The second is the inverter + integrated PLC, you can adjust some of the parameters, but the design parameters of trouble, integrated PLC replacement costs, the failure rate is high;

C:The third is the inverter + independent PLC + independent display, easy to adjust the parameters of various parts, easy to upgrade, low failure rate, the highest cost in the three, but it is also the most stable;

HengNuo semi-auto pallet wrap’s current Mainly using a third electrical control Mode, stable, efficient, low failure.

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