Hennopack paves the way for high speed extra small carton erector and made a breakthrough, modifying a high-speed horizontal type carton erector to fold minimum carton length of 130mm, widths of 80mm, the height of 90mm, a potential first for the packaging industry. Especially suitable for cosmetics, express, Logistics, hardware accessories, personal care products industries’small box high-speed folding and bottom sealing using. It is manufacturing capabilities of up to 30 boxes per minute and will be a great partner for small case fully auto packing line as well as high-quality case folding requirement.

MPK-30S  Parameters

Carton folding speed15-30 boxes per minute
Cardboard storage80pcs
Total power1000w
Supply powerAC220V,20A
Tape Width50mm
Suppy air0.5-0.7MPa
Air consumption300L/min
Carton sizeL=130-290mm*W=80-160mm*H=90-190mm
Machine size1750mm* 910mm*1850
Machine weight720kg
Machine colorwhite with blue chocolate plate

Extra small carton erector feature

*Cam driving gear,action is more accurate and fast,Stable;
*Horizontal storage, cartons can be added at any time without stopping the machine;
*Side flaps folding structure upgraded, speed inverter adjusts, up to 30 cartons per min.
*Most of the movements are done with mechanical structures,small footprint, simple operation, easy adjustment;
*Cam mechanical structure design, compared to the traditional pneumatic mode of the horizontal type case erector, low-temperature resistance, gas saving, more durable;
*Innovative carton folding-conveying technology eliminates the need for belt clamping, eliminate the problem of misalignment of the carton, reduce carton damage-cost.

MPK30S high speed extra small carton erector reference video

More reliable security configuration:

*Pick carton box failed alarm;
*Carton molding failure alarm;
*Sticking tape failure alarm;
*The adhesive tape runs out of alarm;
*Open doorstop function, high safety standard;
*Automatic warning reminder to supply carton;
*Cutter Safety system to prevent hands form stabbed by the cutter;
*Combine the Carton erector MPK30S with bag inserter, case sealer, cartoning machine, label machine, case packer to profit from a fully automatic packing line.
Option—Heavy duty built, both steel and stainless steel horizontal type carton box erecting machine.

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