Hennopack Bottle Oil Case Filling Machine is an automated carton box packer. Also called drop-type packing machine, bottled product packer, the product through the conveyor regularly delivered to the top of the carton, and then by the flexible drop device will fall into a variety of products vertically into the box (bag) Internally to achieve the purpose of packing (bags).

bottle oil case packer
Item Parameters
Packing speed6-8 cartons/min(can be customized)
Box sizeDenpend on  customer’s box size
Incoming heightDenpend on  design
Catch typeSuction basin suction (Accept tailor-made design)
Power supply380V 3ф 50/60Hz 5.5Kw
Air compressing6-8kg/cm³
Packing methodDrop-type
packing quantitySingles  box
Machine sizeDenpend on  design
Machine weight800kg

Bottle Oil Case Packer Testing Video

* According to customer packing arrangement needs, automatically arrange the product combination;

*The case packers machine through the flat-cut the entire column and then the product falls into the carton through free fall, complete the provisions of packing action;

*PLC control, safety and stability, servo drive, precise and efficient; HIMI man-machine interface, easy operation;

*Adapt to different bottles of product packaging, replacement of species, you only need to replace the corresponding mold, a multi-purpose machine, high flexibility

Our Advantages

bottle oil case packer manufacturer

Drop-type packing machine is based on the development of bottle product such as edible oil industry in recent years, development and design of a fully automatic simple case packing machine. The machine has a simple structure, small footprint, cheap, durable and so on.Bottle product case packer can pack the number of products according to the requirements of the product arranged and automatically arranged in the carton, packing action is simple and easy to use.


*This kind of bottle case packer has strong applicability and is suitable for bottle ,kettle, special-shaped bottled and barreled products. It is especially suitable for automatic packing of light industry such as edible oil, lubricating oil and big bottle of fruit juice.It is the necessary automated production line packing tool;

*The bottle carton box packing machine has a wide range of applications, small footprint, can be used stand-alone, but also with the case erector machine, sealing machine, palletizer, stretch film wrapping machine and other on-line use to complete the product secondary packaging unmanned production line.

*Compatible with different arrangement of products, according to the program automatically to achieve the operation, no artificial, labor-saving and greatly improve efficiency

*All of the hnpack company’s packing equipment can be customized according to customer’s own situation,provide free system design.

*All of hnpack  packing products have CE certification, and accept customer samples factory testing, the customer to the factory inspection equipment.