Hennopack manufactures complete end-of-line solutions to automate the final stages of your packaging process including carton sealing, carton liner bag inserter placer, bag sealer, tray, and carton forming as well as case erecting and case packing options for all industries.

In addition to our efficient box packing machines, we provide pallet palletizer, film wrapping, label paste, paper corner application as well as pallet strapping packing options to keep your product in a lossless state. Our product end of line packing solution can then effortlessly prepare your cases for shipping, protect your goods, save you time and resources, keep your profit.

Robotic palletizing solution

The viability of manufacturing plants depends entirely on the lean operation of production facilities, especially with such a competitive global trend that more and more companies are adopting reliable and efficient robotics handling on their factory floors.

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Stretch Film wrapping solution

Transportation losses are gradually becoming a concern for every manufacturing company, and it brings profit cannibalization to customers every year; and this provides five-sided protection around the load-pallet, which can well provide fixation as well as dust and water resistance to the products on the pallet and protect the products.

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Pallet paper corner applicator solution

The manufacturing companies realize the importance of transportation, using strapping as well as stretch film for packaging protection; however, when using these measures in industries similar to carton packaging, must additional edge protection is required, that is paper corner protection(edge protector applicator), which can disperse the strapping and stretch film small area pressure to avoid crushing the carton.

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Pallet strapping solution

In the process of transportation, due to unexpected events resulting in sharp braking; the products on the pallet are very easy to be misplaced, even with the use of stretch film wrapping protection, there are still losses; for this reason, the addition of strap strapping treatment can make the products and pallets closely connected, less misplaced; also more conducive to the site loading and unloading cargo safety.

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Pallet labeling solution

At present, due to the process of transportation or storage pallet; because of the lack of traceability system, easy to produce goods lost or difficult to find products shipped in time, resulting in customer loss, the company compensation and other various adverse effects; and pallet goods sticky label is an excellent way to solve this problem; effective traceability and find, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

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Label Scan solution

Global efficiency of goods turnover determines the company’s efficient profit and service competitiveness; label application can understand the information of products on each pallet; and scanning traceability, which provides a reliable basis for customer storage, shipping, and problem feedback; also allows customers to know the status of its goods at any time, more effective lean management of product flow.

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Depalletizing solution

Depalletizing solutions are often used for raw material such as bag depalletizing, separation of containers(such as bottle , can etc), or mixing of goods in logistics and warehousing(such as cases); they can be realized with the help of 3D vision or mechanical structures to improve efficiency.

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Hennopack is a leader of china in the end-of-line smart packing line. As an integrator helping customers to upgrade their Industry 4.0 intelligent production, Hennopack has the expertise to design robotic applications that can take production to the next level.

At Hennopack, we not only provide offer robotic pick and place packing stations, robotic palletizers, and robotic random case erectors with the ability to customize and change out recipes but also product transportation and storage protection methods, involving pallet label sticking, scanning identification out of the warehouse; stretch film wrapping and strapping, etc. waterproof regulations protection and other various pallet precautions

Our experience, combined with our work with FANUC, one of the most recognized and respected robotic manufacturers, as well as our ample experience in the use of Siemens, Allen Brandley, Mitsubishi, etc., which specialize in motion control. means we’re are able to handle a higher level of packing line integration challenges.

If you find that the pallet handling solution machine information above is not enough to solve your problem, it does not matter, click contact the engineer for more technical information.