In line Automatic paper corner applicator can automatically adds the paper or plastic corners to the around the pallet edge without labor.And plastic or paper Corner Protectors / Edge Protectors are mainly used in conjunction with PP or PET straps or stretch film wrapper to protect the edges of loads from banding or tightening damage and also to protect the strapping and stretch film from sharp edges to strengthen your cartons and further protect your goods during handling and transportation. Great for protection against strapping damage.

automatic cardboard corner applicatior

Integrated pallet edge corner protector applicator with side welding vertical type strapping system, the edge protector applicator is horizontal. Mainly used for pallet top carton edge corner protection to avoid uneven squeezing and deformation or for the strap belt by sharp edges damage protect in the brick industry. 

Integrated pallet edge corner protectors with top load strapping packing solution, adopt top side welding design and can be used for ultra-low pallet applications, as low as 200mm. Three-axis servo control system easy for switching pallets application of different heights, lengths, and widths.

vertical pallet Edge corner Protectors

Horizontal type strapping machine with cardboard edge corner applicator packing system, its main uses for pallet vertical four side edge protect; For applications in the high value-added or overweight product sector, where individual stretch film bundles wrapping packaging are not strong enough and may tilt and collapse.

Online turntable pallet wrapper combined with edge corner applicator packing system, depending on the production efficiency, 1 to 4 sets of corner applicator guards can be applied, to protect the product four side vertical edge from deformation due to the tensioning force of the stretch film. Better suited to small-size pallet packaging applications.

Automatic pallet Edge corner Protectors with rotary arm wrapper

Online Rotary arm pallet wrapper with cardboard edge corner applicator packing system, its main uses for extra tall or oversized pallet packing applications; It avoids the risk of the product collapsing due to the centrifugal force of the turntable and is more efficient than the turntable wrapping model.

Online High-speed ring pallet wrapper with edge corner board applicator packing system, its wrapping speed will be higher, can up to 60-70 pallets per hour; Even combine with the paper corner protector, the line speed can be made faster to complete the packaging, ideal for multiple line convergence applications.


Angle: 90±1°
Paper corner magazine capacity: 40-100pcs,
Servo Motor: Japan-Mitshubishi/Germany-Bosch Rexroth/USA-Allen Bradley
Motor: Germany-SEW/Nord or Taiwan-Liming etc;
Pneumatic: Festo/SMC/Airtac
Suction: Korea-VMECA/Sweden-PIAB/Japan-SMC
Dimension: based on customer requirement;
Pick Height: based on customer information to design;

paper corner thickness=5mm, length 800-2000mm(accept customized)
Paper corner magazine: 1-4 pieces for each system, based on your need to choose;
Paper corner stock: 40-100pcs on each holder(can be customized)
Paper corner holder: 1pc for each unit(can be more according to the corner dimension).
PLC, screen, and inverter: Germany-Simens/USA-Allen Bradley/Japan-Mitshubishi;
Quantity of paper corner applicator: 1-4 to choose;
(The system can be fit for a wrapper that wraps 40 pallets/H. After finishing one magazine, the applicator will automatically go to the second one, so that the first one will be filled with paper board manually.


*The applicator can sense the position of the pallet, and then adjust the position of the installation. The working center should be the same as the wrapper.
*Auto sense the paper board quantity and alarm when lack of material, so that the paper boards can be fed manually;
*The paper board should be on the same level without angle;
*Paper corner magazine 2pcs for each applicator, feed the paper board vertically;
*The device should be connected with the main wrapper so that the whole system works automatically;
*The buyer should provide the exact specification of the paper board for confirmation. The positioning of the paper board should be based on the bottom line of the board;
*Fit for automatic pallet rotary arm wrapper and turntable stretch wrapper, 2 units for line 1, the other 2 units for line 2.
*According to different industrial applications, you can equip with a pallet wrapping machine or a strapping machine to protect the product.
*For the paper corner pick and driven system, can choose a high-speed servo control system or a cost-effective cylinder driben system.

In short, the use of edge protectors to protect the load is a sustainable and safe solution that offers added value to the palletized product in its final presentation. Effectively reduces the occurrence of surface damage caused by uniform forces during transport or storage. Protects the interests of both buyer and seller

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complete pallet paper corner packing solution

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