Horizontal type strapping machine with edge paper corner applicator packing system

Packing system composition
1. single combination pallet vertical paper corner protectors;
2. Horizontal type pallet strapping machine;
3. Two set paper corner magazines. can choose more spare magazines.

This system uses a horizontal strapping machine with cardboard corner guards for vertical edge protection, mainly for some ultra-high pallets, or heavier weight products, relying on stretch film strapping alone is not enough to provide sufficient vertical strength and add a safety protection packaging process; such as fruit industry,jar liduid industry etc;or some products with sharp edges that have an impact on the strength of the strapping tape, such as the brick industry; the size of the strapping force can be selected from PP or PET according to actual needs, with a tension range from 200N-5000N.

Do you want to minimize product loss during the transport or storage of your products? Do you want to find a safe and reliable solution for your secondary packaging line? Do not hesitate to contact us for further information on the applicator system, as well as recommendations on the palletizing and wrapping combined with strapping systems and edge protectors.